In almost every industry, people involved will feel burned out at a certain point, especially if they are not able to create margins in their life. . This level of stress can affect their performance when it comes to business. 

As a seasoned real estate entrepreneur, Bobby Jones is all too familiar with burnout and how it can affect a person. He shares below how people can deal with burnout along with some tips on how they can maximize their potential. 

Focusing On What’s Important

Other than being a real estate entrepreneur, Bobby also has built multiple real estate companies that include residential flips, multifamily investing and he is an expert in real estate valuations. He is also an author, builder, realtor, luxury listing agent, and specializes in agent attraction with Elena Cardone  and eXp Realty. 

That’s already a lot of roles for one man and to some, it can be overwhelming. But Bobby has the right technique to juggle his responsibilities without feeling burned out. 

“Learn to say no to things that are not bringing you or the ones you love a return on time invested. Less is more. Create margins in your life to rest and reflect. Make a not-to-do list,” he said.  Decide if what you are doing, in everything you do, is the highest and best use of your time. Delegate and focus your attention on what you are best at. 

Bobby added aspiring entrepreneurs should also get outside of their comfort zone and continue educating themselves. But most importantly, they should live a life of honesty and integrity. 

Leading By Example 

One of the values that make Bobby stand out in the industry is his ability to connect with people, something that’s important in his line of work. 

“I think I have extremely high levels of discernment and street smarts. I am extremely competitive and honestly, I outwork my competition,” he added. 

For Bobby, no other businesses other than real estate can create cash flow or passive income that allows the ability to utilize more time out of the day otherwise spent traded for money. This is why he always brings his best so he can serve as an example and inspiration for leadership and real estate. 

“My main goal in life is to live out my purpose and calling as a leader. Real estate is just a way to do that. We only have one life. I want to know I gave everything I had to make the world a better place and lead by example to my family and the world. I want to know I lived out my purpose and calling to the fullest,” he said. 

As a man of integrity and honesty, Bobby can easily show others that anything is possible if they put in the hard work, persistence, and confidence in themselves and never quit. 

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