The pandemic is dragging on and on. As soon as infections seem to be on the decrease, a new outbreak sends them right back up again. Some experts say Covid-19 won’t stop until 60% of the population has been infected.

That can be a very scary reality. Men, women, and even children have been living in a state of fear for months now. This may be impacting your sleep, your moods, your eating habits, and your outlook on life.

So many things have changed. For many of us it’s no longer possible to work in a group, see friends, travel to visit family, or even give a hug to those you love.

Meanwhile millions are unemployed. Homelessness is a big problem in cities and towns everywhere. If you have a job or business, you’re probably worried about the future. 

Will the slowing pandemic economy hurt your employer or company so much you will no longer have an income this time next year?

It’s easy to be consumed by fear. I’ll admit, some days I just want to curl up next to a movie and forget about the world outside.

The reality is there are simple things we can do to effectively protect ourselves and loved ones from infection. But just as important, we need to protect ourselves from chronic fear.

Fear is an emotion. It is learned behavior. And like other behaviors, it can be defeated simply by changing your mindset. 

Once you look at life in a different way, fear will no longer cloud your vision, control your emotions, and limit your enjoyment of life.

Here are some easy ways to live with less fear:

* Take a deep breath and realize you actually have a very low statistical chance of catching COVID. This is especially true if you follow common health guidelines. Remember the worst case scenario is very unlikely to happen to you.

* Consume less sugar and take it easy on caffeine. These have a decided effect on emotions. You will feel better and have more control over fear.

* Try to recover some of your old normal. Talk to a friend or loved on one the phone, go for a walk, visit a scenic area. Also do things that typically help you relax – listen to music, read, play games, or take a nap.


  • Dr.Cheryl Peavy

    Fear less n less Coach

    Cheryl Peavy The Quiet Storm

    Dr.Cheryl Peavy is an international best-selling visionary & author, transformation coach and speaker who provides women with self-development tools to smack fear in the face, step into their purpose and achieve their inner desires of their heart.  Her coaching style of love, encouragement and support results in an abundance of personal growth & transformation.   Her 6-time best-selling books, “The Diary of a People Pleaser”, “Fabulous New Life Vol II’, “20 Beautiful Woman”, “The Woman Behind the Mask, “His Grace Is Sufficient” “Girl Get Up And Win” & “God Says I Am Battle-Scar Free, pt.4” has positively impacted over 1000 women.  As contributing writer for both, Miz CEO Entrepreneurial and Thrive Global magazines, she continues to share her message of helping women to love themselves, stomp out fear and achieve their ultimate dreams.   As founder & CEO of Cheryl Peavy, LLC, her purpose and passion is to help women facing life-traumatic situations heal within in.  Her style of coaching, guides, educates and inspires women to show up in their greatness and create the life of their dreams. She created a social media movement, “She Is You, I Am You”, encouraging and motivating women to see themselves through God’s eyes and not the worlds.   Cheryl’s proudest moment is being a mom to her wonderful & talented son, Christian and when she’s not serving her clients, she enjoys bowling, dancing and playing Pac-man.