By having resistance towards someone, even silently, internally, and unwittingly, you give them your power.

By having resistance towards something in yourself, continues to give IT power. 

Laughter and joy can in most cases ease resistance. However, if you are happy and everyone around you is not happy then you will eventually buckle under the weight of everyone else’s sadness and jealousy and judgement and it will bring you down.

So yes it can be hard to manage yourself and keep a good mindset in the face of the overwhelming suffering the humans all around you or such a negative environment.

Each moment and each day we may go up in our feelings and emotions, however, keep the intention to hold yourself in a positive space and to not be affected by anything going on externally and do your best to accept it and allow it all to wash past you.


Example 1: If you have resistance and if you don’t deal with it, the next person that comes along will absorb some of your energy and your resistance, and then they will carry this bundle of energy and keep it inside until the optimal moment when they will give it back to you. (And you don’t want that!)

Example 2: If you sell drugs with a clear conscience, that causes you no resistance, this is less damaging than if you sell prescription drugs just for your own profit, knowing that it gets people hooked and causes damage. The latter actually creates more resistance.

Example 3: If two people have resistance between each other then it is best they move apart for a while and manage their own resistance to the other person, then come back together harmoniously. Humanities lesson to learn is to deal with resistance. If we do have resistance we create either a multi thought complex or a multi emotion complex.

What you resist persists. What you accept disperses.

When you stop interfering with anything it allows it to naturally settle and sort itself out. This applies to both the external world and your internal world.

We are not saying you should stand by and watch atrocities unfold around the world. I’m saying get involved and help solve it, don’t just stand there protesting.

For your internal world, what I’m saying is when you resist a part of yourself, it will remain there, unhealed, until you can look at it, accept it, incorporate it, and then it can be released.

Find out why you are resisting the thing; if you are stuck, picture it as a multifaceted creation and that you can look at it from many different perspectives. See if you can see it from a new angle, or perhaps a few new angles. This is a great way to create new insights about something, and perhaps identify a viewpoint you haven’t seen before that will lead to acceptance.

BE who you are and realise that can change from moment to moment. Realise that people can also change from moment to moment. Allow this and don’t have resistance to them changing.

When you become the player of the game of life, then you can choose any costume, any mask, any role, on any day to suit the audience. We are all characters in the game of life. Within the game there are people who flow and move; they embody their role but don’t get caught up in it. Then there are people who are stuck; bound up by their identities, constipated with archetypes.

The people who are static that look at those characters who play the game effortlessly, and they perceive them to be manipulative; however the person who is static should go away and grow so they can expand their understanding of this approach to life, and become more fluid. If you can find a point in you that has a block or resistance then work with that point to shift the static-ness. Become a multi-faceted player of the game of life; know you are a character but don’t get stuck on it.

Like chess pieces, we move all over the board, forward, backward, sideways, we pause; we strategize; we make our way to the end goal; all the time ‘staying in our lane’ – playing the role of that chess piece. I’ve never seen the bishop be jealous of the knight; I’ve not seen the pawn resent the queen.

Appreciation releases judgment and helps opens up gratitude.

 A lot of resistance is released by acceptance, and acceptance eases suffering.

If you have resistance around other people who are being negative towards you, let’s re-frame it and look at it another way. Why do people pick on you, bully you, and try to bring you down?

It is usually because they want to be you, and they don’t know how to. Or they are threatened by you, or they may think you are better than them, and they are jealous of you for that.

So sadly instead of looking at you and admiring you and trying to become you, they stay where they are and try to bring you down.

EXERCISE 1 – resistance towards a person

A great exercise to do is to pick a person you have resistance with, and observe them and practice letting go of any judgement of them or resistance towards them. Practice acceptance by having a mindset of appreciation for them, as the amazing being they are. Practice having acceptance for all of the creations of their mind, however crazy they may seem.

The more you have a feeling of appreciation, interestingly enough, the more that person shifts their state, and becomes more relaxed. If you try this while you are talking to them, soon enough they will be smiling or laughing and they will look more relaxed. This helps you and them to release any stuck resistance, static thinking, serious attitudes, or judgement.

EXERCISE 2 – resistance towards something in yourself

Your homework is to go away and find one thing that you are resisting to deal with and see how you can resolve this. If you are resisting or protesting parts of yourself, this does not make them go away. It only makes them stick around, by making them heavier, like a burden, and makes them stick like tar to your consciousness. Acceptance and lightness help these things release and float away.

  • Imagine that you have a realisation that everything is a creation that you have made or it’s a perspective or belief you hold, that may or may not serve you.
  • Finding new viewpoints around something you are resisting can help you find acceptance or see it in a new way.

EXERCISE 3 – Accept Allow Release 

Here’s a great exercise you can do anytime anywhere to release anything that no longer serves you or to help release something that is affecting you.

Become still and listen to yourself and connect into your inner heart space if you can.

Ask your higher self if there is anything you need to release. Or if something or someone has upset you and you need to gain some acceptance, release it using this exercise.

One way you can do this exercise is simply to say “I accept (the thing) I allow (the thing) I release (the thing) and say this over and over and over until you start to feel the thing losing its grip on you. You may start to feel it dissolve within you, and perhaps you do feel it release. You can repeat this statement like a mantra many times during the day for as long as you need.

Another way you can do this is, once you identify the thing(s) bring it out and put it in your hand and hold it. Then in your own time say I accept (thing) I allow and I release (thing). Let it go and watch your hand open and your body relax as it goes. If your hand is still holding it, perhaps some part of you is resisting letting it go. Keep breathing through it, and keep focused on accepting allowing and releasing it, and eventually, you may feel yourself let go of this thing that no longer serves you.