These 5 strategies will help you cope better, no matter what country you are working while traveling.

Digital Nomads, or people working from exotic locations from their laptops have recently become more common yet loneliness is among one of the emerging issues within the community.

Establish A Routine

Setting a schedule from the moment you wake up is crucial to optimizing you day and reducing stress. If you have tasks that you complete every day at a set time, you may find that you are more engaged and less stressed on the small details throughout the day

Get In The Gym

Getting a local gym membership and getting your body moving can be one of the most rewarding methods of reducing stress, and loneliness. You won’t just benefit from endorfins released during exercise but you might make some friends there as well. Which brings us to the next point.

Make An Effort To Socialize

Crawl out of your dungeon and try to connect with others! Whether at a local coffee shop or even coworking space, don’t be afraid to say hello and connect. You’ll find creating an opportunity for connecting may be just what you needed.

Connect With Family

You family may be thousands of miles away but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the phone for a quick Facetime or connect over a phone call once in a while. Remember they support you even from afar so connect as often as you feel comfortable.

Don’t Forget Your “Me Time”

Being alone all the time may not be ideal but once in a while it is still great to have some alone time. Watch a movie on Netflix or perhaps take a walk on the beach for sunset. Connecting with just you and your thoughts can be very empowering as well!