How To Decorate Your Room And Theme It Around Your Personality

Career, work, peers, etc., keep people engaged for most of their day. Simultaneously, trying hard to keep up with the time, they tend to forget themselves, their comfort, and relaxation. They fail to design their personal space that reflects their personality. They ignore that their room is where they feel satisfied and happy after a stressful, tiring day.

Generally, people don’t invest much in decorating their room because who will see it after all. But they don’t realize that their time is when they lay on their bed and read their favorite book or watch a furious movie. 

A bed-room is a piece of heaven on earth. It’s no harm to invest little in your bedroom that will evaluate your mood and make your day happening. This article is focused on helping you make your room your mirror reflection. You will also learn some ideas to design your space in this article. Without wasting any time, let’s get started. 

Understand Yourself First

The first step in making your room your personality trait is understanding yourself. Suppose you don’t know what kind of a person you are, your likes and dislikes, what makes you comfortable, what makes you relax, what helps you focus, and what enables you to smile. In that case, you cannot design your dream bedroom even with the help of home renovation Dubai experts because they will only follow your instructions.

You must realize that although an introvert cannot live without books, an extrovert’s room without seating is useless. An individual with OCD wants to keep things light and structured, and an art freak cannot live a happy life in subtle, boring colors. You must experience the colors and interior around you to understand what would excite you. To proceed to the next level, make a rough list of your needs and desires. 

Say It All With The Colors

Colors play a significant role in one’s life. They have the power to convey strong messages through their shades and tones. In short, colors have a secret language. You will dislike the idea of painting walls with colors that don’t describe your personality because it is the first thing that you and other people will look at. Even if you put in the best furniture, decoration, and accessories, nothing will excite you if it’s not according to your mood. If you understand your personality completely, you won’t find it hard to choose your color scheme. 

Your walls can be a combination of your favorite colors, painted in one color that you think makes you refresh and happy. For instance, if you are a party person, you can go with light, vibrant colors mixed with white because it reflects happiness and creativity, whereas if you like it deep and thoughtful, you can go with dull, dark colors. You can even have a message wall if you want to say it out loud. It’s your personal space, don’t hesitate to mess it in your unique way.

Furniture Has A Secret Language 

If you are the owner of your room, everything should reflect you and fulfill your needs. Consider the size of the bed and shape not according to your room’s size but your comfort also. Don’t just buy a bunker because it looks cool as you might not fit properly. Choose the right mattress and table lamps. 

You will surely need some shelves if you are a bookworm. A study table or a workstation if you like to work in your comfort place and extra cushions if you are expecting lots of guests after your room’s makeover. Keep in mind the storage capacity you need while putting in the furniture.

Use Decoration That Reflects You

Colors shape up the character of your room, while accessories work as ornaments. What you put on display reflects what you hold inside. These decorations have the power to describe the gender, personality and confidence of the owner. 

You can put wall hangings and paintings to enhance those empty walls and keeping cozy cushions if you like to relax while playing need for speed. Place a beautiful rug underneath that elegant coffee table resting against a brightly lit window or display your childhood memories through pictures place in beautiful frames scattered around your room.

Don’t forget your bedding in the tension of buying perfect decorations. There are thousands of options available out there. Buy different colors and patterns to use accordingly. 

Take Away 

There are a lot of things to consider when it’s about bedroom decoration or your home renovation in Dubai and Interior design Dubai Companies. There are thousands of styles and fashions available out there; you just need to find what suits you most. Once you find the perfect color scheme, furniture, decorations, you’ll not only feel proud of your choice but feel relaxed and enjoy a good night’s sleep. We bet you’ll observe significant changes in your creativity and working capacity also.