How To Develop Your Own Voice and Be Unique -- And Avoid Sounding Like Everyone Else And Being Replaceable... Dre Baldwin

Someone left a comment on a YouTube vid of mine telling me what Joe Rogan said about something — it happened to be the opposite of a point that I’d made. 

I like Joe Rogan. But if I wanted to know what Joe had to say, then dammit, I’d fire up Joe’s show and listen to him. I don’t need a third party to relay the message. 

I know you know what others have said, written and recorded. What I want to know is what you have to say? 

The days of the middleman are coming to an end; we have direct-to-consumer now. Don’t tell me what some rapper, author, influencer or famous person said. I can hear from them directly. 

What ideas or opinions do you have that came from YOU? 

If you want to stand out, have a brand, and be recognized for your position / opinion / expertise, you need ownership: something proprietary that people can get only from you, not a regurgitated thought that you got from someone else. 

And it doesn’t have to be a profound, brand new idea grabbed out of thin air. Take what you hear, read and see from others, combine it with your own experience and points of view, and you now have something new. 

Go deeper on that “something new,” and you will come to own it: you have a position, idea or piece of content on every angle of that topic. Now people are referring to you as a source instead of you referring to them. 

Now you’re Somebody

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