Discovering one’s life purpose is necessary in order to live a fulfilled life. By knowing the goal and direction of one’s existence, an individual is fully guided and determined to reach that end that they want. 

Even so, not all of us know our own life purpose. Instead, a lot of us are simply drifting around, flowing like an endless stream of water that has no direction or end goal in life. 

With that, how can we discover our life’s purpose? 

Here are some of the popular ways to do it: 

#1 Searching for your own passions

By searching for hobbies and jobs that you are passionate about, you’ll find meaning and purpose in your own life. As these activities may bring you purpose, their existence can add color to your life.

Whether it is playing tennis or baking bread, these activities can resonate with you in ways that none can and bring meaning to your life!

#2 Discovering Your Archetype

As one of the most popular ways to discover one’s life purpose, the 12 jungian archetypes can lead to a deeper sense of self. Rooted in the archetypal images that are present in us before birth, these archetypes often take turns in subtly influencing our life choices. 

Thus, knowing them deeper may lead us to unlock the path towards individuation!

#3 Shadow Work

Also a Jungian method of self-discovery, shadow work is often revered for its ability to bring out our inner struggles. Often contained in our repressed ideas of the self, our shadow deeply penetrates the core of our being. 

By subconsciously influencing our actions, the shadow somehow defines who we are.  

#4 Birth Charts

If the psychological approach doesn’t suit you well, then perhaps there’s value in looking at the spiritual aspect of our existence.

As one of the most popular methods of divination, your astrological birth chart can give us an enigmatic insight into our existence. By plotting the meaning of the planets and the stars, this cosmic interpretation can spell out who we are.

As they say, it never hurts to check out your daily horoscope!

#5 Law of Attraction

As one of the powerful ways to bring positivity to one’s life, the law of attraction allows us to align our thoughts with the universe.

By giving out positive energy to the universe, we can expect it to respond positively as well by creating opportunities and avenues where we can discover ourselves. 

As long as we remain optimistic, the path will eventually open up for us! 

#6 Spiritual Awakening

Perhaps the most important in this list, spiritual awakening takes us a step further by opening the spiritual dimension of our existence. Making us realize that there’s more to life than what meets the eye, the whole process of spiritual awakening compels us to recognize the existence of the divine or the transcendental. 

By seeing our interconnectedness with this divine force, we can discover a different meaning to our existence!