When I learned to swim in the ocean, my dad taught me to watch the waves carefully. He instructed that some waves were just going to be too big for me and I’d need to dive under them so I didn’t get banged up in the surf.

The pandemic feels like a pretty big wave.

Diving beneath it for me means taking even more care to manage the tension of uncertainty while staying very close to NOW.

Jasper generally does pretty well with staying close to NOW. Still anxiety had begun to mount and he found himself tinkering with an old habit – catastrophic thinking driven by uncertainty.

Fear, that was the dominant feeling that arose with uncertainty. When I asked what he would rather feel in relation to uncertainty, we both laughed, “CERTAINTY.”

Certainty is a luxury none of us have. We never really have had it. These days, we know that in a way few grasped before.

Jasper soberly acknowledged that what he wants to feel in the face of uncertainty is the solace of confidence.

After a layered exploration and integration of fear and the solace of confidence, Jasper described the ineffable peace he felt following the work.

He said, “Fear and other feelings don’t rule my thoughts. I am feeling them. They are not feeling me. I KNOW I have the inner strength to remain confident rather than go to fear in reaction to the uncertain.”

Phew. Jasper found a way to dive beneath the wave.

Might it be time to ramp up your skills and help people discover how to dive beneath the wave?