Complicated days are coming and new routines that are sure to alter our mood. We know it, yes, but the difficult thing is to go through it and leave unscathed along the route.

If you are already in quarantine, it is likely that one of these tips will help you survive gracefully. If you are not quarantined, what are you waiting for?

Today we dedicate 5 tips to managing your HomeOffice life without altering your chacras, your peace and above all, without losing the ability to enjoy it.

1. Organized snacking:

If you are tidy enough and planned well, your fridge and cupboard are full of delicious, non-perishable items available 24/7. Beautiful, but risky. Being at home all day can distort your usual anxiety and make you want to eat the entire refrigerator in a day, or the opposite, erase your natural metabolism agenda and go hours without eating. Neither option is a good plan.

Tip: Schedule a start and end time for work, lunch, dinner and breaks. It helps you plan necessary stops and also not to be working all day without stopping.

2. Sneaked:

Yes, working in pajamas and slippers is the dream of your life, we know it. The first day of quarantine seems like a gift: pajamas, washed face, slippers and in this city even the weather seems to fit, because not even a ray of sunlight came out.- Being isolated does not seem so bad at the end of the day-. Stop there, it’s a trap. The dream idea collapses a few hours after the start of the day, this moment sounds very nice but when we do it for several days, we fall into the sense of feeling completely abandoned and enter a vicious circle of ceasing to occupy ourselves for feeling good physically and mentally. (Also: how many pajamas do you have?).

Tip: Comfortable clothes and slippers are the allowed combination. Who tells you, you can even make a face mask while answering emails.

3. Loosen multitasking.

You’ve started home office with an ultra productive energy and it is very tempting to put a washing machine and prepare the food, while you upload the file to drive and you have a work call (without camera, obviously). Yes, suddenly you see everything there is to do and fix at home, your brain works at 1000 miles/hour and you want to do everything in one day. Calm down sister, that energy does not last forever and it’s better to manage it throughout the week. Think about organizing the day as if you were in the office. It is great to feel motivated and inspired to do many things, but at the end of the day you can feel that you couldn’t do everything that your mind processed very quickly but your body and the limited hours of the day did not cover. Frustration alert.

Tip: Get blocks for household chores outside of work. There is no need to collapse.

4. Cancel Bed-Office: Don’t fall into the clutches of the bed, Don’t fall into the clutches of the bed, Don’t fall into the clutches of the bed.

Another mirage from afar pleasant and from a treacherous fence. The idea of ​​working in bed is undoubtedly a fantasy that we have all had (or not?) But beware, after an hour, it becomes an octopus that catches you and makes you forget all the ideas and desires you had when you started the day. If it hasn’t happened to you yet,  get out just in time. If it happened to you and you fell asleep, activate a coffee, mate or tea, a shower, put some clean clothes and move to the dining room to continue the day.

Tip: If your work allows you to work from home, work in the living room, dining room, armchair, on the balcony or wherever you want, (at home, obviously ?) but let’s set the sheets free during the day.

5. Man does not live by stalking alone: ​​You have been in quarantine since the weekend, you did an intensive social network scan, you already got all the emails for today and the tasks you had. You finished the plans, the blueprint, the design work, you sent quotes, you planned your content, you listened to beautiful music all day and you already took the daily tour of social networks. Great, congratulated 10. Buuuuut, how many people did you talk to today? Being isolated can have us several days without talking, and not necessarily with your coworkers, but without your friends and family. Think that someone may be alone or simply bored, in this quarantine, do not forget to interact.

Tip: Activate video calls with your groups and stay connected with your loved ones.

No one said that working from home was easy, but it has many benefits, and more if you know that it is for a short time.

Bonus: Get inspired in your house or in other houses, write down 1 thing you want to do per day and do it at your breaks. Oh and if you want to share it, upload it with the hashtag #ForMeMoment.


  • Consuelo Chasseing

    Co-Founder & CEO

    ForMe app

    Consuelo Chasseing CEO and Co-Founder of For <Me> App. Ambassador of Ladies, Wine & Design Argentina. Publicist by profession, specialized in Innovation and Digital Marketing. Of vocation, curiosist. I've worked more than 14 years in the world of advertising and innovation (between Argentina and Colombia), serving global brands such as Mullen Lowe, Unilever, Redbull, Copa Airlines, Apex, American Express, Nespresso, among others, with whom I've developed new products and services based on technological solutions. After accompanying different companies in their digital transformation, I've decided to start my own project For <Me> app: a social wellness app that helps women document, share, and monetize the things they love to do.