Doing nothing seems weird right? It might seem “lazy”, frivolous, unproductive – and that’s OK!

If you feel you need permission to be ok with doing nothing, then here it is, your very own permission slip.

While you take the time to embrace a newfound stillness, you’ll learn to take moments of boredom, moments of silence, moments of nothingness and use them to look inside yourself and ask questions, questions that you’ve likely had long wanted the answers to but been too busy, distracted, fearful or stubborn to ask yourself on a deeper level.

You may find a new respect for giving yourself permission to be still, to relax and not always be productive, after all being available 7 days a week gets old fast right?

It’s refreshing, and still very new for most of us so you might be feeling a little uncomfortable, but when you sink into relaxing, sink into your ideal day, it might involve a beach, sand, sun, a big smile on your face, hiking, or meditating – you’ll no longer look at the stillness in the same way, you might see it as creating your ideal future TODAY, in this very moment. If you do, it might keep you striving for the life you want to create by design and not default.

Tell me…do you allow yourself stillness, to be in the present moment, to dream of that moment that has you smiling from ear to ear and feeling like your heart will come out of your chest?

If not, I ask you to take this moment right now, go there, stay there for a while and feel the sun on your face, or the wind in your hair or the goosebumps on your skin when you find that perfect moment in time – and you just know that this is it, this is YOUR perfect time, and you can create it whenever you want.

Be courageous,