Have a big job interview on the horizon? We know how stressful these interviews can be so of course you don’t want to add the tension of how to dress on top of that. Dressing for interviews can be tricky because you want to appear professional and put together but also not go overboard and look too overdressed. Also, it doesn’t help with your nerves when people keep reminding you that first impression is the last impression.

To help you nail your look, we have done plenty of research so you know how to dress for your next job interview. First things first, you need to dress to impress. Remember to always dress for the role you want. If you’re hoping to land a job in the financial sector or perhaps a government position then a full suit and tie is perfect. However, if you go dressed in the same attire for a job interview in a creative industry then you might be a bit over dressed. Keep reading to find tips on how you can perfect your look for your next job interview.

Tip # 1: Research the Company:

Your first step should be to thoroughly research the company to understand their level of formality. A great way to go about this is to visit their social media page to see what employees usually wear to the office. This will help you pick out the ideal outfit.

Tip # 2: Choose Comfort:

When choosing an ensemble for your interview, your motto should be, ‘comfort over style.’ Of course these can go hand in hand but when you’re faced with an outfit that is stylish but slightly uncomfortable against your trusted and comfortable dress then always opt for the latter option. You do not want to be adjusting your too tight pants when you’re interviewing for a job.

Tip # 3: Confidence is Key:

When you’re already a bundle of nerves, you want to wear something that makes you feel your best. Choose to wear something that you love so you can exude confidence when you walk in. Every employer likes a confident candidate, the one who believes they can get the job done.

Tip # 4: Keep the Climate in Mind:

Your tweed blazer might check all the boxes but remember that you don’t want to be sweating through it during your interview. While wool, cashmere and tweed suits look wonderful in the winter, it’s a smart idea to swap them out for more breathable materials that will keep you cool in the summer.

Tip # 5: Check For Stains, Holes e.t.c:

Always plan your outfit in advance so you can check for any unwanted stains, rips or pet hairs. No employer likes a person who makes no effort to look presentable.

Tip # 6: Say Goodbye to Wrinkles:

Nothing puts off a potential employer more than a sloppy dressed employee. Pay extra attention to your clothes and remember to properly press them to get rid of the stubborn wrinkles.