When asked what I do, I tell people I help others take a break from alcohol.

Then I launch into a definition of gray area drinking, coaching, and ending the stigma.

People usually respond with, yeah you don’t have to quit forever though, right?

You don’t work with like really bad alcoholics?

There’s a difference between someone who can never drink again and someone that does Dry January.

Then I rant about alcohol being toxic substance that creates dependency.

I talk about it being progressive, and blah, blah, blah.

But here’s the thing:

What if alcohol was poisonous for everyone and not just some of us?

What if anyone had the potential to become an ALCOHOLIC, because of alcohol?

What if anyone, whether ALCOHOLIC or not just decided to stop putting poison in their body?

What if anyone, no matter how much alcohol they consumed, just decided to start looking internally instead of externally for their own peace and happiness?

What if not drinking ever again led to gaining healthy coping skills, improved physical health, and a positive sense of wellbeing?

What if YOU could let loose, socialize, dance, laugh and have fun WITHOUT alcohol?

What if YOU got high on life?

What if YOU found escape by losing yourself in the moment, you own it (to quote Eminem)?

What if YOU found yourself to be absolutely free from needing anything to enhance feeling good?

What if YOU never had a hangover, black out, a fuzzy regretful memory, or hot morning after shame again?

What if YOU were an absolute rebel, bad ass, trailblazer, going against the norm with confidence and empowerment?

Would that be so sad?

Would you wish you could still rely on alcohol to feel this way?

Would you mind if maybe someone, who had no insight, knowledge, or valued opinion on the subject maybe thought you were an alcoholic, because you don’t drink?


I am happier, freer, and having more fun sober than I ever did drinking.

You can too.

I invite you to reconsider thinking that not drinking would be a sad life of deprivation.

I have found it to be nothing of the sort.