How to eat healthy when your environment is against you

It happens to the best of us.

We’re determined to stay on track. We even brought a salad today, and some healthy snacks. But then, oh no! Someone brings in delicious smelling donuts. Jeez, you can smell it down the hallway!

Three, two, one…and you cave. Again.

It’s the best of intentions gone astray because our environments seldom encourage us to be our healthiest selves. So, what can we do to combat this? To go against the grain and put our health first?

Here are 7 easy ways to eat healthy, even in difficult situations.

Bring Your Own Food

If you know you’ll be somewhere with temptation, be sure to bring a snack that is both healthy AND tasty to enjoy. Examples include celery and peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, and apple chips.

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Get Full

We make better decisions when we aren’t hungry. Make sure that your meals and snacks include protein, healthy fat, and fiber so that those junk food snacks aren’t nearly the temptation.

Additionally, if you know you’ll be going to a party or other gathering, drink a protein smoothie first, or have a filling snack. You’ll still indulge, but it will be much easier to moderate.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Now that you aren’t hungry, also be sure you’re not too tired. Studies show that our willpower falls when we’re exhausted. We make poor decisions. So, be sure to incorporate a great night time routine that allows for plenty of sleep, and you’ll be resisting the bad stuff in no time.

Train Your Brain

Tell yourself that you don’t eat that (not that you can’t). Remind yourself that you don’t want to put that junk in your body, and keep your “why” in mind as often as possible.

Know Your Triggers

We all have our weaknesses. Uh, Thin Mints anyone?

Understand what types of foods have you stuffing your face and plan accordingly. If you know your colleague will be bringing in your favorite candies, steer clear of her desk for the day.

Do Your Research

A sure-fire way to stay out of processed food is to look up what’s in it.

Carcinogens are plentiful in junk food and a little research will thoroughly freak you out. So yeah, check those ingredients and remind yourself what they do to your body.

Be Honest

If you’re trying to be healthier, let the people in your life know. Many of us don’t want to make a fuss, but this is your health you’re talking about. It’s important, and sometimes it’s ok to make a fuss when it matters.

If the people in your life don’t understand, it means you need to find new people that have similar goals. If you hang around negative people, they’ll eventually bring you down as well.

In Conclusion

It’s definitely not easy to eat healthy when you feel like the world is against you, but it is possible!

Try a few of these tips today and pat yourself on the back for small micro-wins. They add up to big, beautiful life changes.