The work from home arrangement used to be something foreign – almost like a myth. But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers from all over the world, regardless of the industry, are learning to adapt and find spaces to set up shop within their homes while maintaining a strong connection to their teams even remotely.

Admittedly, there are thousands of performers who feel the need for a little boost during this time of transition. People used to the quiet in their offices might feel challenged by distractions at home, among other concerns.

No worries, we’re here for you.

Here are some tips you can apply to make workflow smoother and manage your tasks more effectively.

  1. Appreciate the value of communication.

Without seeing each other face to face, it can be hard to manage work projects with your team. This is why the first thing you must prioritize is having consistent and clear communication with your team. In this current working climate, your team members will feel even more secure to have regular updates, instead of being left in the dark.

  1. Clearly define expectations on tasks and goals per project.

Whether you work as a manager or as one of the players in the team, it is important to know where you stand in a particular project, what is expected of you, and when you should deliver.

In the face of big changes, it can be overwhelming to carry on with projects and original plans may have been tweaked to meet the new normal. Especially working far from your team, specifically defining the responsibilities of each member will lead to cumulatively reaching your goals.

  1. Make use of productivity and collaboration tools.

For a project to succeed, it is essential to give weight on the type of project management tool you will use and the extent that it allows for team collaboration.

Gone are days when you use different software for communication and status tracking. Gone are the days when accountability can be lost and document changes can overlap each other. With the right tool, you can easily compare Word documents in a few clicks. Plus, the best ones would offer you file sharing, chats, real-time tracking, and other features all in one space!

  1. Connect to your customers by offering valuable information.

Customers are the lifeline of your company, and the value of each one is emphasized especially in this crisis. During this time of need, it is crucial that you make them feel that you are there for them, that you are still alive and kicking, and that you have something of value that deserves their continued patronage.

One way to keep a strong connection with your shareholders and draw in more people to your brand is by hosting webinars. You can select any topic related to your industry, make it socially relevant and trendy, and you’re good to go. This alone will cement that you are serious with your projects and are committed to your goals. There are several apps that can help you bring this into fruition and set up a webinar in just a few minutes!

  1. Collect feedback from people you work with.

Just like you, everyone is starting anew with their work routines and their approach towards their work practices. Everyone is trying to achieve productivity, so don’t be shy and ask them for their thoughts on how you are currently performing. There’s always room for improvement, so open your mind for some constructive criticisms. This practice will also eliminate concerns and help you address issues early on.

At the same time, consider asking your colleagues for their best practices concerning this new work from home set up. Gathering info like this can help you see what works and what doesn’t for each employee type – and it might help you improve your process, as well!

  1. Streamline current sales practices by upgrading the software you use and training your team for proper usage.

Another way to maintain a strong customer relationship is to invest in a competitive CRM software. From small businesses to giant corporations, user experience can make or break a customer relationship – and no one wants that.

So, first, ensure that you get a high quality CRM software that is equipped with sales process features that meet your industry and help you monitor your team’s performance. Find one that generates reports from the figures, to product-specific, team-specific, source-specific, and other essential data.

Then, the CRM software you should get is one that is easy to use so your team won’t get too overwhelmed with the changes. Ease-of-use can influence how well your sales agents will be able to handle this new technology and utilize them to generate the numbers you need.

  1. Plan your social media content.

Whether it’s for a project or for the overall image of your brand, having a social media plan can ensure that your name is out there. Especially now that people are stuck at home, more and more people become more dependent on the internet. Moreover, most of that time is used on social media.

The current state of mobile connectivity has influenced how modern marketing works – and you have to be on social media to survive in this highly competitive world. Social media now owns a huge chunk of a person’s buying decisions, so that’s where you will find your market. Consistency is important in this game and strategized visibility will bring your project to success.

  1. Take breaks and learn when to stop.

The fact that you are at home is not enough reason to slave on from morning until wee hours of the night. Set a specific schedule or routine and make sure to squeeze in break schedules there. Apart from having a lunch break schedule, make sure that you scatter two to four mini breaks there that will help you rest your eyes, stretch your body, and take a breather.

Breaks are also important for productivity, as they are known to boost your creativity and help you look at the task with new eyes. May it be for a quick cup of joe, meditation, a nap, a walk, or cuddling with your dog, having mini breaks is crucial to beat stress and for your overall health.

Final Thoughts

Though the coronavirus left us no choice but to adapt to this new way of life, it does not mean we have to resent the process the entire way. Productivity is still within reach, even when everything is fairly new. To start, follow these quick tips shared here and see the difference!