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Summertime in Miami is, of course, hot and humid. Every day is between 85–90 degrees, and the humidity makes it feel a few degrees higher.

It’s also the rainy season.

It doesn’t rain all day, but isolated showers come and go 1–3 times per day. It rains for 5–10 minutes, then it’s gone. I happened to get caught in one yesterday.

I was on my evening walk, and luckily was stopped in front of a building when the rain started. I stepped under the extended roof of the condominium entrance and stayed dry, waiting it out.

While waiting, I saw a homeless guy walk by.

I know he’s homeless because I see him in the neighborhood all the time, always in the same clothes. I know where he sits and sleeps. As he shuffled by, I noticed a distinct advantage he had over me in the moment: he had an umbrella.

During that rain shower, he could move about freely while staying dry — while I was stuck hiding under the roof until the skies cleared.

Situationally, this homeless man was wealthier than me.

A rich man without an umbrella is a poor man during a rainstorm. 


Ask a goal-oriented person what they want to get better at, they’ll probably give you some form of “everything.” They want to improve at every aspect of what they do, which seems like a great idea on the surface.

The problem with that idea: time is of the essence.

Every one of us has a unique set of skills. Within ourselves, all skills are not created equal; we should not give equal time and attention to every ability we have. Some skills, given ample focus, will do more for us than the same amount of focus on other skills.

I’ll gain more by focusing on my writing ability, for example, than on my coding ability.

We gain more by doubling down on our strengths than by struggling with weaknesses. Dedicated work on a weakness will turn it into a Dedicated work on a strength will change your life. mediocrity at best.

We gain more by doubling down on our strengths than by struggling with weaknesses. Dedicated work on a weakness will turn it into a mediocrity at best. Dedicated work on a strength will change your life. Click To Tweet

Your aim is to position yourself to have situational power — having the umbrella in a rain shower — as often as possible. You want to have an ethical unfair advantage as much as you can possibly have it.

This is how you set yourself up to win. Not to compete — to WIN. Focusing on your strengths is the only way to have and possibly maintain that unfair advantage.

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