Jutta Curatolo
Jutta Curatolo – How to Empower Yourself and Your Career

If you want a better career, you need to change yourself and have a better life. What you change in yourself will spill over into your career and your life. There’s no way around changing yourself for the better if you want more in your career. Here are three things you can start doing immediately for a better tomorrow.

Bank on Yourself

Many people think they have job security working for someone else. You might want to ask yourself how easy it is to read someone’s mind. Consider how easy it is to read your own. You might never see yourself losing your job, but it can happen at any time. However, you know you wouldn’t fire yourself. Have a backup plan for your nine-to-five by learning whatever you need to know about the field you’re in right now or learn about a new field if you want to get into a different career. You might have to secure employment elsewhere at some point or decide to go into business for yourself.

Make Goals

It’s impossible to stand still in life. You’re either moving forward or you’re going backward. Life goes on and if you don’t go on with it, you’ll continually get further into the past. To move forward in your career and life, you must make meaningful goals for yourself. Forget something abstract like “I want to be successful.” Decide something concrete that you want to do. Decide to be the most productive employee in your company and challenge yourself to make the most impact on a daily basis. Measure your productivity against past performance.