The end of summer is approaching. Various retailers have their back to school sections set up, and you’ll see the look of agony on the faces of students, because they know the classroom routine is around the corner (if it hasn’t already begun.).

For those fortunate to start school after Labor Day, you have a few more days of sleeping in, lounging around, and whatever trouble, errrr, fun you can find.

The end of August often brings a bit of anxiety for people, especially if they haven’t had the opportunity to do everything they wanted to do over the summer months. Those trips to the amusement park, concerts, patio lunches with friends, trips to the cottage… we have to jam all of those in before Labor Day!

Or do you?

Summer is a time for outdoor activities (especially for those of us in northern climates, where that W word seems to last for years.)

When summer passes you by, you feel the urge to jam everything into the last few weeks, to address that fear of missing out (FOMO). When you do this, you’re actually setting yourself up for unnecessary stress and leading you to burnout.

Historically, my autumn tends to be busy with projects, travel, etc. The last 3 years have been very demanding during September-Mid December, so this year I decided to scale back on a lot of initiatives during those months.

Interesting side effect for me doing that: It loaded up my summer months instead. Tons of podcast interviews, travel, and other project work has made this summer zoom by, and I along with the rest of you are wondering where the time has gone.

After mid September, I have 3 trips scheduled between October and December. Podcast recording season is done until February (unless a guest wants to sponsor their appearance, then Mike will step up to the Mic!), and projects are in motion for things.

Fall is often a favorite time of year for people. Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cinnamon donuts are returning, friends!

So as you approach the end of your summer, here’s some action items for you.

  • Of all the things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t done yet, pick one thing to do. The rest schedule for next summer
  • Build in off days (if you have vacation days, take one or two if you can) and do NOTHING. Maybe read a book, but turn off your Netflix, shut down your iBinky, be outside and take in the summer breeze. It will make you feel fine.
  • Sleep in or take a few naps. Preferably outside or with a window open. Get some non-HVAC generated air
  • Take a deep look at your fall schedule. Anything you can delete/defer/delegate? Do it.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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