Being a soon-to-be mother is definitely a dream come true for many women out there. This is why knowing about next maternity wear is highly important before you buy them.

If you don’t know already, your clothes will not fit you anymore when you first advance to the first trimester (the first 2 or so months) of your pregnancy. The same goes to your high heel shoes, boots and old jeans! You know it’s time for maternity wear next (pun intended). Besides, being pregnant is a joyous moment of your life. Don’t you want to look great during this period of motherhood? Maintaining a great fashion sense is important during pregnancy. This is why for every mother is it vital to have a wide range of their maternity clothing collection by their hand.

Tips on How to Buy Maternity Clothes


Do you know the difference between your tight, sexy jeans and maternity jeans? Here are 2 things to look out for; inseam and panel.

The inseam is your number one criteria for choosing a great pair of maternity jeans. What is inseam? Inseam is the length between your crotch to the bottom of your jeans. It is best to err on the longer inseam side when you are pregnant. You’ll most probably put on extra weight during your 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy too. Think about the shoes you’ll be wearing too. Some mothers still like to wear high heeled shoes, which require jeans with longer inseams. Still, it’s best to stick to “flat” shoes for safety purposes.

Panel is another factor to think about for maternity jeans.You want them to be elastic to provide the best support . Likewise, this is needed for later pregnancy stages. There are 3 types of panels to choose from; namely the full panel, half panel and under belly. The full panel gives you the best support you need and is very much needed for the later stages of your pregnancy.


By all means, put the comfort factor as your number one priority. Never compromise comfort. This is because if you have been pregnant before, you know how “inconvenient” or uncomfortable being pregnant can be. Therefore, Next maternity wear helps you get more comfort and help make the entire pregnancy experience more enjoyable.

Too tight is not good, so is too loose

Especially when it comes to being pregnant, this is very true. Settle for a middle ground between loose and tight.

Maternity nightwear

Do you know you can also choose to wear nightwear maternity “gowns”?

Good pillow tip

When you are trying out the maternity wear, place a pillow between the clothes and your belly. See if the shirt meets your requirement or not.

If you are really tight on budget

You can always give a call to your friends or sisters who were once pregnant before. Then, simply borrow their maternity wear! No need to shop for a new one.

Waist styles for Next maternity wear

waist styles

Tops and dresses guide for Next maternity wear

tops and dresses fit guide

Next maternity wear breastfeeding guide

 breastfeeding guide 1breastfeeding guide 2 

This way, you don’t have to expose your tummy while breastfeeding.

Next thing to do with next maternity wear, enjoy your time expecting your baby to arrive in the next few months. 9 months can be a really short time, especially when it is one of the best times of a woman’s life.