In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is very important that we do not allow technology to replace the natural order in which we live and communicate. There are numerous positive ways to incorporate the use of technology in our daily routine and activities, however, we must be careful not to allow it to control every aspect of our lives. We as individual human beings cannot completely depend on the use of technology for every aspect of our lives. We must be able to rely more on our uniqueness, gifts, talents, and own intelligence when it comes to managing our own personal growth and development, and less on new discoveries or what works in someone else’s life. According to Ms. NzanoKikon,”It is extremely important to remember that there is more to life than just technology. Spending time with family and friends, appreciating the beautiful gift of nature, a meaningful conversation with the people sitting next to us, reading our favorite books, playing a sport, watching the beautiful sunset, learning new skill like playing musical instruments, cooking and gardening, discovering new places and having fun with real-life people who are close to us will add more meaning to our life” ( . With the use of cellular phones, Smart Televisions, Smart Homes and technology assist devices and more, without balance and boundaries, technology can impose a negative impact on your relationships, health, and mental well-being.

The Importance of Balance When Using Technology

Technology is very beneficial for long distance communication, allowing people to communicate through platforms like Messenger, SKYPE, Zoom, and other apps and services. It is used to educate us, keep us productive, making our tasks and responsibilities much easier to manage. Effective network management provides security as well as manage all of your network functions to help you create the balance you need both at home and on the job. This type of management can help you monitor what networks are being accessed, how often, why it’s being accessed and more, in order for you to better manage the use and/or misuse of technology in your home or business.

Technology and Relationships

Before the evolution of digital communication devices. and the creation of social media and social apps, communication when building and strengthening relationships took effort, critical thinking skills, good manners, as well as more personal in-person contact to become successful. Technology can hinder the relationships we have with our close family, friends, spouses, significant others as well as employers and coworkers, if not balanced. Due to the constant evolution of technology, we have grown accustom to developing ways to incorporate the use of technology in our daily routines and activities. In relationships, if there are no boundaries, and more face-to face interaction, technology can impose a huge threat on your relationship. According to Melissa Nilles, the Arts and Entertainment Editor at the University of California,” There’s something intangibly real and valuable about talking with someone face to face. This is significant for friends, partners, potential employers, and other recurring people that make up your everyday world. That person becomes an important existing human connection, not just someone whose disembodied text voice pops up on your cell phone, iPad or computer screen.” The lack of one to one interaction with the person in your relationship and more focus on your devices, gadgets, and social media platforms, can threaten your relationship. Emotions cannot be recognized; therefore, the constant use of technology can also cause a lot of misinterpretations which can lead to arguments and confrontations which could damage or end relationships.

Technology and Your Well-being

Not only can technology have a negative impact on your relationship, but it can also affect you mentally, as well as physically. It can affect your quality of sleep and interfere with physical, nondigital activities such exercise and recreation. It can also lead to hearing and vision problems, as well as mental and emotional disorders, such as depression and narcissism. According to Advica Health, “Due to repetitive movements that we use to type on a keyboard or on our phone, our joints and muscles can suffer greatly. Constantly using hands to type can lead to osteoarthritis and increase similar symptoms.” If a person is prone to this condition, this kind of behavior can help manifest the symptoms more quickly.” Which is why it is important to balance your use of technology so that it doesn’t affect your physical and mental well-being, therefore, affecting your overall health.


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