How To Ensure Your Hard Work Pays Off (So You Can Avoid Doing All That Hard Work For Nothing)... Dre Baldwin

Between the ages of 14 and 23, I spent countless hours practicing basketball

Doing all kinds of drills, shooting shots, trying to dunk, practicing with teams and other players, and doing all sorts of random stuff —hoping that something would work. 

You’re not new to reading me, so you probably know that many somethings did eventually work

The inflection point was at an exposure event in Orlando, Florida, where everything changed for me from “hoping for results” to “success story.” 

The exposure event was designed for pro-hopeful players — players like me — to show their games in front of decision makers. Long story short, I did a good job of that and my pro basketball career began shortly after. 

The thing you should know: that camp lasted all of two days. 

Saturday and Sunday. Two games each day. 

What I did over those two days, in a gym full of people who’d never heard of me before and didn’t know anything of my years of hard work, made more of a difference in my career than nine years of practicing did. 

Technically, you could argue that the years of practice was the effort spent in the dark so I could shine for those two days in the light. You would be right to say that. 

BUT: without those two days of light in Orlando, the nine years in the dark don’t matter. 

I’m not the first nor the last athlete, or person period, to work really hard for a future opportunity that may or may not happen. Working hard in hopes of success is not a unique story

The fact that those two days went how they went for me validated and lent relevance to the nine years. 

What this means: life is unbalanced in many ways — this is one of them. 

All your hard work and time spent in preparation does matter — without it, you won’t be ready to show out when the lights come on. 

If you don’t put on a show when those lights come on, though, forget it: nobody cares about your struggle and striving. 

THIS is the game. Love it or leave it. 

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