Most people understand that exercising is essential to good health. However, despite that knowledge, many individuals can’t seem to exercise regularly. They struggle to start and continue with a fitness routine. 

Many people dislike exercise in general. They do not like running, biking, walking, or swimming. They do not like going to the gym or practicing yoga. People like this have a real issue, which requires a strategy to overcome.

The following are three strategies to exercise when you dislike exercise.

Know “Why.”

Sometimes a way to overcome a dislike of exercise is simply remembering why it is necessary—correctly identifying someone’s “why” can be a powerful and helpful tool for motivation.

It may be that they need to lose weight. It may be that they want to be healthy to be an excellent example for their children. It may be that they want to be a stronger individual and build confidence.

This video is a great example of the power of knowing “why.”

Write Down Goals.

There is real power and a transformative effect in writing down goals. When a person dislikes exercise, this strategy can help overcome it. 

By writing down and recalling their goals, they will remember the long-term reasons for their exercise. In this way, they can overcome their struggles. They can stay focused on achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

It’s important to set achievable and measurable goals. Goals should be specific, numeric, and have a selected deadline date.

Find a Routine That Works.

There are countless methods for exercise. Sometimes, an individual may strongly dislike exercise in general but can find an alternative way that suits them better.

If someone is struggling and disliking exercise, it can be beneficial to try new methods. Instead of running, they could try a dance class. Instead of lifting weights, they could try a body-weight routine.

By using the above three strategies, an individual will be able to overcome a dislike of exercise. In these ways, they will be able to start and stick to a fitness routine. They will be able to build a happier and healthier life.