Covid19 has stretched most of us to unearth what is important to us and, to ponder our connection to each other. The statement ‘we are all in this together’ resonates with so many because of our connection to each other and the universality of love. It has also caused many of us to question who am I? Why am I here? Is there a God? What does spirituality mean to me? Do I believe in anything?

Spiritual Self Care is perhaps the hardest self care plinth to explore because it means different things to different people. So for those exploring what spirituality means to you I hope this description helps. Spiritual self care revolves around engaging in activities that turn our attention inward and reconnect us with ourselves. Spiritual self-care helps us cultivate a deeper sense of clarity about what matters most to us and what we believe in. We take care of our spiritual needs by taking time away from the daily grind to get quiet and tune into our own inner wisdom. It involves connecting to something that is larger than ourselves, like worshipping in a faith community, spending time in nature, seeking guidance through prayer or meditation, practicing yoga, journaling, or spending time in personal reflection. Tending to our spiritual self-care is less about believing in a higher power, and more about recognising that we exist and have needs beyond the physical and material realm.

Let’s explore that premise: Beneath everything you see when you look in the mirror – your hair, your clothes, your physical appearance – there is something more. Some people call it your soul; others call it spirit. The particular words don’t matter as much as understanding  that your spirit, as I’m going to call it, represents the essence of who you are.

When all the labels, roles, titles, and possessions have been stripped away, your spirit is what remains. It’s been there all along; from the moment you exited the womb, the essence of you was there. And as you have journeyed through life – facing joys, disappointments, and changes – the essence of who you are has remained the same. The energy you bring into a room, your likes and dislikes, your passion, the various emotions you experience, your intellect and creativity, all combine to characterise your nonmaterial, fundamental self.

We are each unique; there is no one else like us. How we are designed, our passions, our talents, our strengths are unique to each of us and have purpose. All these qualities are in us so we can fulfil our destiny. There is a blueprint inside of all of us. We are purpose-built and exist for a reason. There is a purpose for our life.

Discovering our spiritual purpose is a key is a key aspect to every person’s journey. We get a taste of our spiritual purpose when we tap into the desires of our heart. What satisfies us and what makes us frustrated? We each have a specific wiring with a palette of gifts and strengths that are as unique to each individual as a thumbprint.

Developing our gifts and talents, identifying our dreams and desires and learning how to use them, all help to live a life of purpose. Purpose enables us to make a difference to our world. Life does not have to be about just living for self. Our life can be used to make a difference for others.

We can choose to live in a world that is about ourselves or we can choose to include others in our world where we can make a difference.

Our spiritual needs can be likened to the highest level need of personal development. They are those longings that remain once the more basic physical and emotional needs have been satisfied. Spiritual needs propel us to put our talents to good use for the betterment of the people and the world around us. Connecting with our spiritual needs brings us closer to the ‘higher calling’ so many of us are seeking.

Recommendations for boosting Spiritual Self Care

  1. Explore and learn what spirituality means to you
  2. Quiet the external voices long enough to hear your own voice and intuition
  3. Find perspective beyond the hustle and bustle of daily life
  4. Fulfil your craving for spiritual nourishment
  5. Connect with a community that shares your spiritual practices