How do you feel when you go out to a party and you are about to walk into the room where everyone else has already arrived? Unless you are an exceptionally confident person the chances are you will feel self-conscious. However you don’t have to dread the moment when you walk into a crowded room – it is possible to feel self-assured and ready to have a good time, even if you may not think so now.

The issue many people have in this situation is that they don’t know many of the people in the room. Most people would agree that they would find it easier going into a room where they know everyone, as opposed to a room where they only knew a couple of people. It is far more difficult to appear confident and at ease with the situation if you don’t know anyone there. A good trick to making any situation like this easier is to arrive early. You may not want to be the first person there but if you arrive late there will be a much bigger group of people to walk into. Early arrival means you can relax and get used to your surroundings as you watch other people arrive.

Another good trick is to remember to breathe properly. This might sound strange but if you have ever felt stressed you have probably felt yourself taking smaller breaths. You can combat this by arriving at your party and taking a few moments to compose yourself outside before entering. Take some deep breaths and calm yourself down if you feel nervous. You will be surprised at how much this can help. If there is nowhere to do this without people seeing you, sit in your car for a few moments before getting ready to go inside. Of course, a big part of confidence comes from how good you feel about yourself. For instance, if you are wearing something you feel good in, it will boost your confidence.

The same goes for your hair and makeup. If you like how you look you will get a big boost in confidence that will last for the life of the party! Try to give yourself plenty of time to plan for the party too. This will give you longer to sort out something to wear that feels comfortable and flatters your figure.

There might be lots of clothes to choose from, but only a few of them will really suit you. Make sure you try on as many as possible to see which ones give you that confidence boosts you are looking for. You will know if you try ones that don’t work for you – and equally, you’ll know once you find the ideal outfit for you.