Many couples are physically separated at the moment due to different situations. Some of the medical professionals working with coronavirus patients have chosen to distance themselves from their partners to avoid exposing the spouse to the disease. In one incident a couple was traveling separately when the problem happened. They are now unable to live together in the same location. This couple decided to live 50 miles apart with one of the partners choosing to stay with the parents. Being away from your partner is challenging especially at the time of a crisis. But can you maintain the connection even when you are separated? Here are some ways of making this long-distance relationship a little bit easier.

1. Accept your decisions to isolate yourself

Several people decided to move in with the family as they used a snap-judgment and a tough decision to keep away from the roommates. In all probability, you are upset with your partner’s actions that led to a separation. Everyone wants to live with their partner during these difficult times. But, keep in mind that the decision was taken under trying circumstances and under severe pressure without much time at hand. It will not augur well if you are to dwell on the decision for long. Just express your dissatisfaction calmly and move on. To take this off your mind, you can start remodeling your entire house. This way you will be busy and won’t have time to complain about being stuck inside. 

2. Be respectful with others

If you are living away from your partner and if you are living with family members or roommates you must take into account the safety of your mates. You can find various ways to quarantine safely and everyone living together must agree with one way. There was an instance when one of the roommates was breaking the lockdown curfew to go on a date with his girlfriend. When you are in a situation where you are sharing a home with others or having to maintain contact with the partners you must establish clear communication to decide the comfort levels of everyone. Agreed that it is tough to be with your partner at the moment but the safety of others living with you is more significant at the moment.

3. Use technology for connecting with your partner

You may be getting sick of Zoom now, but the fact remains that there isn’t a better way of staying connected with the partner at the moment if you are away from each other. The video chats can be used for daily connection and they can also be used for maintaining some of your day-to-day activities such as cooking dinner or watching TV. You are recommended to use video chat rather than text or phone as it is better to see the face of your partner. Many such separated couples speak only on the phone and feel disconnected as a result. However, seeing your partner makes a huge difference.

4. Be creative with the situation

The present situation presents an opportunity for creating newer ways of connecting with your partner. Take into account your favorite methods of spending time when you were physically together. Try to recreate that over video chat. If you can concentrate on finding ways of connecting you will feel less helpless with the separation. Here are some ideas:

  • You can visit the museum together online.
  • Develop a new routine such as a nightly chat before going to bed.
  • Quote necklaces for a future purchase.
  • Read the same book together. You can also develop a book club for the two of you.
  • Get some new wines, cheeses, or chocolates and organize a tasting party. 
  • Compare notes on the video chat about the results. Use unassembled kitchen cabinets where you can store all the food and drinks after you are done.
  • If your partner is a music lover, download free music-making software and send them tunes that you created yourself.
  • You can both go on individual rides with your bikes, however, you could do that at the same time and you could even talk with one another while enjoying this activity.

Final thoughts

There is no point in denying the fact that having to live separately is difficult. However, you can reduce some of the pain you are experiencing by daydreaming about the things you may have done together if there was no lockdown or those you will do after the restrictions have been removed. You can plan a dream holiday and prepare a list of restaurants you might visit or scout for a new apartment to live together. Hope will keep the spark alive.