Lower back pain is a burden for many adults around the world, and the negative effects can permeate throughout our work and personal lives if left unaddressed.

Some folks just choose to live with the pain or take various medications to mask the symptoms, but to get to the root of the problem you need to take matters into your own hands. It may take more time and effort to heal back pain and prevent recurring problems, but it’s worth it.

Here are some of the best tips from doctors and physical therapists for how to alleviate lower back pain and ensure it doesn’t return at a future date.

Stretching and Exercise

When it comes to any aspect of physical health, it all starts with movement. Your body isn’t meant to sit for extended periods of time, yet the average man or woman stays seated for an average of seven hours a day! That’s bound to cause some problems for the spine.

If you work an office job and have been struggling with lower back pain, make an effort to simply get up and move around often during your workday. Ideally, you should take a lap around the office or stroll outside every hour or so, but do whatever you can to get your body moving.

Build an arsenal of go-to stretches and yoga poses that target the lower back and help to decompress the spine. Attend a class at your local gym or follow along with a video online.

With just a bit more exercise and a daily stretching regimen, you’ll be surprised to see how much of a positive effect you have on reducing lower back pain.

Improving Your Posture

Most of us spend the day hunched over a keyboard, a phone, or a notepad. It’s a part of the job and there’s no getting around the nature of the work, but we can substantially improve the way we sit and get serious relief in the lower back as a result.

Honestly analyze the way you sit at your desk each day. Maybe you start off strong with a straight spine and minimal slouching, but your posture likely deteriorates over hours of work and the stress of the job.

Become more mindful of how you position your body from head to toe and constantly remind yourself to straighten up and keep your elbows close to your sides. It might feel robotic at first, but the relief you feel in the long run will be worth the extra effort.

Do whatever you need to make your desk setup more conducive to comfort. Adjust your seat and the height of your screen, try out various angles, and be sure to change your position every half an hour to avoid too much pressure on a single area.

Tools of the Trade

If you’re making lifestyle changes and sitting at your desk with a more mindful presence, you’re more than halfway there. Still, you may benefit from a few pieces of gear to add some extra comfort and support to the lower back.

The first tool to look for is a cushion for your seat and one for your back as well. This cushion combination will morph to the contours of your body over time and provide a custom solution that will target your unique issues.

Next, try to find some support for your feet to rest on, since comfort requires a holistic approach. From head to toe, you need to feel your best and avoid excessive strain. Everlasting Comfort has a full range of products that provide true support with top-tier materials.

With this set of tools and techniques, you’re well equipped to banish lower back pain for good.


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