Everywhere you turn, you’re likely to see different charities and organizations asking you for support. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of charities vying for your time and money. You may want to support a charity but are worried that you will pick the wrong one! If this is a concern of yours, you aren’t alone. Read on for three steps that will help you find a great cause to support.

Think About What You Really Want

Make a list of the things you want in a charitable organization. Think about what charity or cause you are drawn to. Do you have family, friends, or co-workers who give their time and money to a charity? If you do, what are they? Is it one you would enjoy? Are there local opportunities in your town you could easily commit to? Has something recently grabbed your attention in the news? Consider these questions to see if there is a common denominator that you could work with.

Begin Your Research

Now is the time to start looking over and analyzing your list. Consider the ones that stood out to you. Once you have it narrowed down a bit, look deeper into each one. For example, you may be really interested in helping feed the homeless. If so, start looking for local organizations and charities that offer this help to see if they align with your needs and views. Cross out anything on your list that you no longer feel as strongly about.

Pick the Charity You Want

Take a look at what is left on your list. Have you become passionate and excited about one particular type of charity? Go with it! If you haven’t, that’s okay. Just choose the one that seems the best for your situation and start there. Remain open-minded about your choice. You never know where this path will lead you! Follow your heart when it comes to picking a charity- you won’t go wrong!

Remember, if you aren’t satisfied with your choice after you show up to help, it is fine to choose another charity. You don’t have to stick with one that you aren’t happy with! Changing your mind and your plans is always an option when it comes to charity work.