There’s saying that says “choose your friends wisely.” I want to put a modern twist to that phrase. So the piece post today is about knowingly choosing your spiritual friends.

It’s quick to wind up deluding yourself from the blind or at least narrow viewpoint and falling into very unhealthy relationships. Naturally this can appear humorous. If anyone is spiritual, how do you end up in a dysfunctional partnership (friendship, marriage, teacher-student, etc.?

So let’s tackle this subject together, and examine what it means to carefully chose your spiritual friends.

Many people who consider themselves on their spiritual journeys early believe they grasp what faith means to them. Please be advised that what I find “early on their spiritual journeys” often includes people who have theoretically learned biblical texts during their entire lives. When anyone truly learns how to go inward and move on problems and fall through deeper love and peace, they are beginning their spiritual journey early on.

With that said, it is incredibly necessary to train to go inside and know yourself and your predictions. Most people usually project their ideas about themselves, their suffering, and how life can go into every circumstance and every individual. We don’t want to know what it is. They seek to make reality adhere to an image of what it will be like. It is an extremely common epidemic, so most of you certainly have encountered that as well. Consider of every moment your mother has been attempting to manipulate you behave in a manner that hasn’t been real to you.

To allow mistakes and to learn one breathe at a time

However, before interacting with spiritual peers, I don’t want you to get the feeling you will be cloistering yourself away for years. There’s plenty of space for mistakes and incorrect decisions as long as you keep involved in what’s going between you and in the scenario. We are imperfect and life is not black and white. It is impossible to really be sure of what works for us and what doesn’t, and I continue and follow the school of trial and error.

Only allow it one breath at a time. And let go of all thoughts of an ideal spiritual partner, spiritual leader, spiritual instructor, savior, soul-mate, twin light, or whomever. There are no perfect people — not in the sense of ego. So usually the notion of ego interprets success to imply that with this person / community you just feel good and there are never any issues. Even if it’s a disagreement over where to eat tonight, there always come up problems. Bring them down, and then start relaxing through the moment.

Learning from Under the Surfaces

When discovering spiritual cultures and meeting different people, it is often important to reach underneath the surface to see what people are doing while the “spiritual instructor doesn’t reach” or see what the spiritual teacher is doing when the focus is off.

They’re going to use all the apparently appropriate things to do what seems good when the teacher’s around or the attention is on the kid. Yet you see the actual guy, as the circumstance shifts.

Identifying Fake Friends

Obviously learning to see under the surfaces is a skill-set that will assist you in numerous ways. The number of individuals who pretend to be someone who doesn’t go much past the traditional groups. At this level, I’m clearly highlighting that this topic doesn’t preclude scriptures and spiritual friends, students, and societies. Seeing these distinctions — these discrepancies — will help you a lot in learning where to place your trust and how to cultivate relations.

It will help you not to stymie your growth, in the context of spiritual friends. People who don’t really care about doing their inner work will sometimes resist your development, particularly if it doesn’t look the way they think it should look like. This is why nurturing your instincts is critical, as always. Only you know if the growth which comes from within is correct for you.

Letting Spiritual Friends Go

Another main feature of a spiritual relationship is that we agree that we are all evolving, and while we are all developing and changing, we will not remain in the lives of each other for a long time. We come to acknowledge our spiritual mates have to let go. Just as we learn scriptures about friendship to accept a relationship profoundly and completely when it comes along, it really is important to let it go when it’s time. Of example, the timing may be special for all parties, so there’s no reason to hang on to someone who doesn’t want to be in your life any more.

Using Real Affection in Friendship

If there is no affection in the family — if there is no profound reciprocal acceptance — it is not a spiritual partnership. I don’t care if you call each other soul mates, or if you’re in a spiritual student-teacher relationship. What makes it “spiritual,” is profound acceptance. The passion is not permissive as I also want to find out. He’s not complacent about it. It can be extremely potent and powerful. It can be gentle and compassionate. In this moment it should be whatever is required and it is not about one person being more or worse than the other. It’s actually there, so it’s that kind of affection that also makes the partnerships where the other is.


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