Hope Back after Losing

Hope is an expectation for a certain thing to happen in life. All of us have different hopes; some desire to start a family, some want to have their dream jobs, some want to become a millionaire, and some want to appease their wanderlust. There is no denying that hopes give us a reason to live life, but a few of us are lucky enough to have seen their dreams come true.

Even if life is turned upside down, some people do not get rid of the desire to live life. They manage to keep the level of their motivation and positivity. However, this is not the fact in others case. Life seems to be pleasing as long as it moves as per your plans. When it throws a curve ball, you begin to feel blue. If you have been feeling apathetic over the time, you start losing hope. You get depressed and future looks bleak.

If you do not get to where you want to be, you do not need to get depressed. Life is likely to give you another opportunity. Ups and downs are part of life. If it has hindered your path, it does not mean that you cannot achieve your goals. Well, not always the failure makes you feel blue.

Some people lack hope from the beginning. If you have been neglected and never developed a positive outlook, you will likely lose your confidence and struggle when things keep you from achieving your targets. Loss of connections also accounted for desperation, for instance, bereavement loss or divorce. Well, whatever the reason, you can revive your spirit back.

Get a solution of your problem

Many people struggle to get hope back because they start living in painful moments. Time fleet and hence you do not need to live in your past. Your entire life is ahead of you. You have to think about it. You may have a lot of reasons for being in a funk. Your job is blood sucking or you are financially struggling. Never lose hope just because you have been facing a bad phase. Instead, you should figure out how you can come out of it.

For instance, you have been under the pressure of multiple debts such as doorstep loans or long-term loans. The pressure of paying off the debt in time will definitely cause you anxiety all the time. Cursing life is not going to get you out of debt. You will have to find methods to make minimum payments to pay off the entire debt.

Likewise, if you have been suffering from bereavement, you should realise that death is inevitable. You cannot stop living life over the death of your loved ones. Otherwise, time will leave you far behind and eventually you will realise that you have missed several lifetime opportunities.

Problems are intrinsic part of life. You cannot chase away them, but you can have solutions to deal with them.

Acknowledge your strength and set some goals

Some people lose hope because they think that they are not good at anything. If you think that you cannot meet expectations of your mentors, try to make a list of all of your accomplishments. This will give you a reason to feel motivated. Read this list over and over and you will feel that you have some positive qualities. Just pat on your back and develop hope for the future.

Surround yourself with positive people and those who motivate you and support you. Good friends will always encourage you to do good things instead of putting you down. It is much easier to find hope within a network of supportive friends. If your one plan fails, it does not mean that you cannot lead your life. Set new goals, make different plans and get into the race of pursuing your interests.

Remember that no one knows the outcome of actions

You are a human being. You have control over your actions but not over the result. Even if you do something with a good intention, you will likely get bad results. This is called life. You do not decide what you will get the next moment, but your destiny decides. Always have faith in your actions. Make realistic goals and make your efforts in achieving them. Never set your heart on anything as you are likely to get off track.

Do not mind if you did not receive what you envisaged. Just think that life would have something better for you. What if you have not succeeded in your first attempt? Life  is not over yet.

Change your perception

Reviving hope is not a one day process. You will have to switch your focus from negative feeling to positivity. If you do not have hope regarding your ability to land a good job, do not dwell on this. Instead, figure out what you can control.

Sometimes we face problems because of our wring decisions, for instance, the struggle to pay off a debt because you have borrowed money more than your affordability. Do not curse yourself for being in this complicated situation. You should generate more income ways and talk to your lender to accept minimum payments.

You can maintain your level of positivity and hope even in a difficult period if you are determined to withstand it.

The bottom line

If you lose your hope, you lose the reason for living life. Develop a sense of maturity that happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. If you come up with a problem or life goes against your plan, try to make efforts to be on the track instead of dwelling in it.