Throughout life, there are periods of time where major changes occur. Whether you are changing careers or moving cities, experiencing a break-up or having a child, these transformations can majorly impact your mental health for better or for worse. Even in the midst of an exciting transition, it is easy to become overwhelmed because of the unknown factors that lie ahead. During these seasons of change, it is important that you know how to find an internal peace that will carry you through difficult days. In this article, we will share four tips on finding peace during major life transformations.

1. Keep a Journal

Oftentimes, transformational moments make our lives busier. For example, if you are having a child, you have an increased number of responsibilities in order to ensure that your home is ready to welcome a newborn. When you’re busy, it can be easy to forget to take time to reflect on the changes that are occurring. In order to process your feelings and acknowledge your mental state, take time to journal every day. Even if you only write one sentence, this commitment will help you create space to process your feelings. 

2. Ask for Help

Unfortunately, our culture values pride and independence. In reality, we all need help during difficult moments in time. Rather than trying to push through and get everything done on your own, ask for help with projects that you know will overwhelm you. If you are moving, for example, invest in a moving company rather than trying to transport everything on your own. helps families relocate smoothly and effectively. This transfer of responsibility will help increase your capacity so that you can care for yourself and your family. 

3. Develop Rituals

When your schedule is packed full on a daily basis, you often fall out of your normal routine. Routines are beneficial because they help develop consistency and rhythm throughout your day and week. This consistency helps calm the body and the mind. Even through challenging times, ensure that you are doing the morning and evening activities that are rejuvenating to you. From washing your face to stretching, walking around the neighborhood to drinking coffee, these rituals will help you pace yourself so that you can successfully get through each and every day.

4. Treat Yourself

On occasion, it is important to let your guard down and treat yourself. When you are feeling gloomy, having a treat gives you something to look forward to. Self-care is one of the critical pillars of mental health. Self care could include movement, yoga, spa treatment, meditation, bathing, reading, and other hobbies that you enjoy. By taking care of your physical and mental well being, you will have the adequate capacity needed to accomplish all of your tasks. In addition, this time of care will grant you a renewed sense of energy.


Major life transitions often come with a range of emotions. Although it is exciting to move into a new season, there are often fears and logistical complications that accompany the excitement. Rather than trekking through seasons with your head down, take the time to care for yourself and reflect on the emotions that you are experiencing along the way.


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