Hashtag Generator

Are you going to start an affiliate program and want to reach out the right person in large numbers?


Did you know that a good hashtag can increase your engagement and boost your reach?

Well, it can.

But therein lies the problem. Finding the right hashtags isn’t always easy.

Why? There are also a lot of people posting using trending and popular hashtags.

So, how do you find a hashtag that can help you stand out?

Internet marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and other people just list a bunch of hashtags while writing their posts. However, if you want to stand out, you need to have a hashtag strategy.

You need to know which hashtags will drive traffic to your posts and how many of them you should use. Using too many can annoy your followers and even get you penalized. Using too few, on the other hand, or using the wrong ones, can cost your leads or conversions.

It may look like an easy task, but finding the right hashtags to go with your content without the need to re-use them can be tough. It also takes a lot of time to find those relevant to your content.

That’s why you need to leverage tools like trendHERO to look for hashtags that are relevant to your brand and bring in the most engagement possible. This tool also shows you the engagement rates and competition levels so you can determine if you should use the hashtag in your post.

Alternatively, you can create your own hashtags, and for this, you’d need a hashtag generator.

What Are Hashtag Generators?

These are tools that help you create, choose, and track hashtags for your content.

They help you:

  • Find trending hashtags that can help you to grow your following
  • Find popular hashtags related to your posts
  • Save time as you will no longer need to find hashtags manually
  • Target a specific audience using niche category hashtags
  • Monitor real-time results. Most hashtag generators feature an analytics dashboard you can use to track hashtag performance.

Which Hashtag Generator Tool Is the Best?

There are several, but your choice will depend on what you are looking for in a hashtag generator.

For example:

  • Do you want one where you manually input search terms or where an algorithm can help you find hashtags using photos or links?
  • Do you need it to integrate seamlessly with your scheduling and social media curation tools?
  • Which social networks should it incorporate?
  • What is the price? Does it offer a free trial period?
  • Can it help you generate niche hashtags?
  • Does it have an analytics feature?

After you answer these questions, you can find a tool that helps you generate hashtags suitable for your posts.

Some of the best tools include HashtagsForLikes, BigBangram, and All Hashtag. 

For more info about these tools and their features, check out the infographic below from ShaneBarker.com.

The Best Instagram-Hashtag Generator Tools You Can Use

Infographic via ShaneBarker.com