During these times of health, economic and social unrest it may seem that we are losing our purpose, or essence, our center. People are losing jobs, homes, and sometimes loved ones. This can lead us to lose sight of the one thing that is most crucial to our individual survival, Our Center. Grab a notebook and a pen, preferably blue ink. Follow along here as Coach Rick provides the five steps to regain yours.


First, you must Honestly Assess. Look in the mirror. What do you see. Take your time, breathe. Do not pass judgement on yourself, just observe. This may take some time so be prepared to come back and repeat this step. So, look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Who do you see when you look there? Say your name, date of birth. Look at your face and you, take note of what your impression of your image is. Write it down. Whatever first comes to mind, write it down, no judgement should be made. Ask…
  2. What got me here? Do not lie to yourself. Be Honest. Honesty is not something you can bend or change to meet a narrative, unlike truth. So, honestly answer the question. What got me here? Write it down.
  3. Now, shift away from your image and focus on your eyes. Stare at your eyes and ask this. What is behind the mask of my earthly image. Write down your first thought. No judgement, just write it down.
  4. Now, honestly look at what you wrote down and consider a statement that will help you address what you saw. For example, a person who sees an overweight image and sees a caring person behind the earthly image might affirm the following honestly. “I am an overweight person who ate too much while being stuck in my home and I see a person with a deep desire to help others.”
  5. Okay, so now you know what you see, what got you here and what you see beyond the vision in the mirror.


Next you will accept the responsibility and accountability that comes with having dominion over your destiny, your omnipotence. Most of us believe that we were created in the image of our creator or that we were created in some way by an intelligence of some kind. And even if you are an atheist, you probably admit that humans are God-like in their ability to Create and Destroy. So here is what you do next.

  1. Write down what you believe about mankind. Here is the question to answer. What are some miraculous things that I have witnessed in my lifetime?
  2. What are some of the things I have done that seem to be miraculous on reflection? Examples may be as simple as using a computer or as complex as inventing a new widget. But the point is for you to realize that you are a powerful entity.
  3. Now, this is where you must turn your thoughts into belief and that is your omnipotence in action. Because you have authority over your destiny and over what happens next. And you have to be ready to accept the responsibility and accountability for the next action you take and decisions you make. So know that this is your time to create magnificently.
  4. Using the example before of a heavy person with a kind heart we will do the following in the name of our god-like power and write the following affirmation. ” I am in perfect health and I am helping others to be healthy while accepting the responsibility and accountability for my success.”


Our hearts are the seat of our soul, The heart is the strongest transmitter of electrical impulses in our body. It tells the brain what to do. All humans are social by nature and we have souls that must be nourished to thrive. Love is the honey that nourishes our soul and strengthens our heart. It is in our design to Love Purely. Pure Love comes without contract, without reciprocity expectations. Jesus Christ taught about perfect love more than anything. In order for us to find our center, we must learn to love, first ourselves, and then others, purely. Here are questions to ask and answer?

  1. What are the things that have brought me harm to my heart?
  2. Which of these things are beyond my control?
  3. Which of these things may I control.
  4. Now, pick the ones you have no control over and forgive them. Simply affirm that you forgive. This is what you can do to surrender that harm for which you have no control over. Just do it. For any that you can not receives forgiveness, surrender to God.
  5. Next for the things you have control over pick one that you will work on and make an affirmation and promise to work on it and begin.

The primary thing about love is to begin today to find love for all around you and do not take upon yourself the mantle of judgement or hate. Do a random act of kindness everyday and know that it is part of finding your center.


Now, as you perform the first three exercises, your center will begin to come back to you or if you have never had it, it will begin to unfold. You are created with an Essence in your birth and it is our destiny to live our our essence in this lifetime. Be ready to receive little hints about your purpose as you do these simple exercises. As you go through your day keep your notebook close by and write down the things that come to you. Write an essence statement when you believe you ahev it revealed. For example using the heavy person.

“I am a personal health coach born to assist others to live a healthy lifestyle.”


Coach Rick has been helping people for many years to come through the HOPE formula for defining their purpose in life and then developing a strategy to bring their essence, to reality. To do that you need a vision, mission, goals and objectives. Set your strategy and then set down your mission is your notebook. Everyday have a goal and a set of objectives to meet that goal. You will be back on center in a very short time and feeling so much better. In H.O.P.E. Rick Mabe https://livinghopeinstitute.org