The concept of finding a soul mate has been around for centuries. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, talked of humans originally having four arms and legs and two faces until Zeus split them in two. Since then, we’ve been on a never-ending quest to find the other half who will complete us.

Despite the conveniences of modern technology, it can seem even more impossible to discover a person that we connect with on every level now. However, it is still possible to discover your soul mate.

What Are Soul Mates?

There are several types of soul mates. For example, there are platonic soul mates. These friendships run deep. You understand each other in ways that no one else does. There are also romantic soul mates, which is what most people think of when they hear the term.

Be Open

If you dig deep, do you believe that you’ll find a soul mate? If you don’t, you’ll close yourself off to opportunities and potential relationships. You’ll be more likely to settle for someone who doesn’t truly make you happy. If you have trouble believing, work on this disbelief with positive affirmations, journaling, and gratitude.

Be Yourself

“Be yourself” is one of the first things you’re told as a child, but it’s still true. If you’re not authentic, you rob yourself of the chance to connect deeply with others. It also makes it more difficult to find someone who values you, quirks and all. Follow your own instincts instead of following the herd.

Be Whole

Our baggage keeps us from moving forward. You must learn to let go of the old hurts and the burdens of your past. If you’re in pain or negative headspace, you’re in no position to have a healthy relationship. You’re more likely to sabotage your relationships — or to attract negativity into your life. Counseling, meditation, journaling, and artistic expression can all help you to process and let go of your past.

Be Available

Many love-seekers overlook the obvious — to meet your soul mate, you must be out there meeting people! If you can’t get out much, try networking with friends of friends.