You’re living your life and suddenly you feel overwhelmed that you not getting enough completed or you open your eyes and wonder where has the year gone by and need to rush through your list. It is near to the Festive season and you need a few simple steps to ensure you finish this year strong.

These are some of the simple steps and advise I give my clients when they are feeling overwhelmed or if they want to increase their creativity to the next level.

Try any of these methods and let me know how it has shifted you in your day to day life. 

  1. Ground your energy

Simple Grounding Techniques is where you breathe in , count till 4 , hold for 4 and breathe out, and count till 4. As you doing this imagine that you are connecting to your heart and clearing out any old emotions that may be sitting in your body. Do this for about 10 minutes , close your eyes and you will notice the brain fog slowly is removed and you will start feeling clearer.

2. Sleep your Full sleep as per your Bio-Rhythm cycle

It is important to get a full night’s sleep and to assist with this, eat at least 3 hours before bed time and no later than 7pm. Drink magnesium with warm water to assist the nervous system flush toxins out with lemon and warm water. For some people a full nights sleep is 6 hours and for others it is 8 hours, know what is your rhythm to assist you in your attention and focus.

3. Be Intentional

Plan your day first thing in the morning or the last thing in the evening to ensure you are intentional around certain tasks and what you do. This also tells the mind that you have a plan and you trigger the reticular activating system in the brain to focus your attention better. This improves your overall consciousness in your day to day action of doing things.

4. Decluttering

Decluttering assists in keeping the mind clear and also energetically the environment in which you work in clear. A healthy environment externally assists with your environment internally. Decluttering is about throwing away things that you do not need anymore. You are creating space for new things in your life . You bring a sense of wonder and awe in your environment.

5. Hawaiian Phrase of Clearing and Connection

A simple and easy tool to help and assist me in getting into rhythm is by reciting the following on your cells, “I love you, Please forgive me, I am sorry and Thank you”. It is a simple technique called hopopono from Hawaii, which clears out any detox in the mind and body to be more clearer and intentional in actioning what you need to do.

This assists me before an important meeting or presentation and works all the time.  Let me know if this works for you too.