How can you stay on track when you are such a busy person?

Start your day off right and you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  Are you wondering how you can do that when you are such a busy person, with no time to spare?

You will be surprised just how much time you waste in any given day and when you start becoming aware of where you spend your time, you will realize that you have more than enough time to spare.

It begins with a mindset of abundance, you start by thinking that you have all the time that you need and you will find the time to do the tasks that you have prioritized.

Wondering what hack has me so excited?

Start the day by practicing your healthy self-care routine.  You are probably thinking, is she crazy, does she not understand that I am too busy for self-care?

Of course, I do, but if you start your day off frazzled, you end up wasting more time as you search for clarity and you set yourself up for increased stress and possibly the development of some stress related disease. Seen from this angle, you begin to realize the importance of prioritizing your health (healing<>empathy<>acceptance<>love<>trust<>humility) daily and understand that self-care plays a huge role in your health.  When you are spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy, you can handle better the daily stressors with minimal to no disruption in your equilibrium (calm & contentment reigns).

  • Set your daily intentions (at least two)
  • Know what must be prioritized today (top two to four goals) to meet those intentions
  • Practice compassion, humility, acceptance, nurturing, gratitude, and empathy (c.h.a.n.g.e)
  • Remember to make time for healing and nourishing of mind, body, and soul

How do you start your day?

If you wake up often frazzled, dreading the day, or wishing that it were the weekend? You may need to improve or practice your daily self-care routine. Try incorporating these four suggestions in your daily self-care routine and notice the improvement in your outlook, attitude, and health.

  • Meditate and/or pray
  • Make sure you get enough rest daily (rest body and mind)
  • Practice more purposeful movement daily
  • Eat healthier foods and portions

Recognizing that your mind, body, and soul are intimately connected will go a long way to helping you make practicing your daily self-care routine a consistently healthy habit in your life.  As you learn and gain more knowledge about what total health means, you will also comprehend why self-care is the answer to living your optimal healthy life. 

With positive energy comes clarity

When you begin to feel the positive energy flowing into your mind and body, and start to appreciate the benefits of aligning your thoughts and beliefs with your values, you will naturally become a more positive and compassionate person, the person you were created to be.

No longer will there be a struggle to find time, because you will know to choose actions that demonstrate love and compassion to self and others.  Self-care is not about narcissistic love; it is about nurturing your gifts and potential to fully produce the fruits of c.h.a.n.g.e. that you want to see in the world.  The solution that you seek has always been available; yet, you must be ready, able, and willing to embrace you with unconditional love.  The two most important letters in change are “a” and “e” (acceptance and empathy).