Are you expecting? Is your friend, coworker, or family member expecting? If there’s an exciting bundle of joy coming into your life soon, have you thought of having a gender reveal party? These parties are the new trend that allow all of your family and friends to get in on the anticipation of finding out the gender for the first time. Hosting a gender reveal party is much like planning any other party where snacks, activities, guest list, and all the fun decor are a world of opportunity to host a good time for everyone! The biggest difference is choosing the perfect way to reveal the gender to everyone. Here are some fun ideas for your next gender reveal party:

  1. Paint. There are many different ways to use paint in your celebration. Paint is fun in person and can be great for photos as well. Some cute photos of you or your spouse covered in paint could be a great way to include your friends or long distance relatives on social media. Paint filled water balloons or water guns will make a splash of excitement. If you already have children, this is also a great way to get them involved. I bet most children would have a blast throwing some water balloons to learn if they are having a little brother or sister. This is a cute way to get the entire family involved.
  2. Color filled football. If you grew up loving football this would be perfect for you. If you have a favorite team, this could be a cute way to decorate as well. These footballs are full of colored confetti and powder and burst open once they are hit.
  3. Gender reveal tires. This idea is a great one if you have a spouse who loves cars. These special tires are filled with non-toxic powder and simply washes away with water. These tires release a cloud of pink or blue, depending on the doctor’s determination, into the air for you and all of your guests to see and celebrate.
  4. A cake or cake pops. Although this idea might be the most popular it doesn’t mean it cannot be for you. A lot of families enjoy traditions and this could be a new tradition in your family. Maybe your mother makes cakes, or a family friend enjoys baking. This could be a great way to get them in on the surprise. If you are having twins you could layer the cake or section it off to show both genders. Everyone can join in on the sweet surprise!

Having a new baby is a magical time, and finding out the gender of your baby is an exciting moment. A gender reveal party is the perfect time to show your creative side. From a small group to a large event these parties are sure to be a great time for all. This is the perfect time to show your unique personality with choosing the perfect reveal method. There are lots of ideas from paint, colored smoke tires, gender reveal footballs, delicious cakes and many more. Make sure to get everyone involved and have fun! This is a celebration of the new life coming, it’s important to enjoy each moment to the fullest.