You wake up one morning, afternoon, or night – and you’re born. Suddenly. Without your permission. There you are … a wee thing, birthed into and starring in your version of the never-ending-ongoing script, with its denouements and lulls and no signs of resolution.

Is that the beginning of The Human R’evolution? More like a broken record of wardrobe changes and script edits which mostly adhere to the same predominant theme (of Dominance and Dominion) … inserting new players as they arrive on the scene and then creating periodic-historic glimpses into our Greater Potential through often tragic means.

So there we are, naked on the stage of life as we learn to dress our performance while the clip increases – the speed of the scenes and the players whipping past us or with us in a whiplash that leaves us feeling either compelled to keep pace or to abandon The Human Chase (sure, there are balanced beings in this world who straddle the scene-hopping without scene-stealing or popping a lid – kudos to them). 

When I “arrived” on the global scene I came in with a lofty purpose already clearly defined by age 3: to become Captain Kirk’s wife. I sat every week in front of the TV watching Star Trek in my fancy party dress and patent leather shoes, believing full well he could see me from behind the screen (years later we have Skype – and he still hasn’t seen me, lol).

As time passed and my personal storyline evolved (not at all in alignment with that of the times) I was faced with an existential conflict that belongs to us all: The Inner vs. The Outer. Would I adhere to the dictates of Society (read: family, friends, teachers, lovers, etc.) and live life from the Outside In?  Or would I sequester myself in some monastery and live my monkish world from the Inside Out (my youthful imaginings of an internal lifestyle)? I chose compromise; which is actually where the balance and harmony lies. I live both ways. I live in this world but not of it, ever aware that there is so much “more” that’s living within the hidden lines of this epic storyline. And in living these alternating rhythms – and not always smoothly – my work and my Self become further enhanced, alive.

When you grab onto others’ reigns you may or may not fly. When you grab onto and own your own, you soar. Even when you lose hold you never lose it for long because the longer you learn to hold on, the stronger its loving draw. 

The word “Soul” is not frivolous. To be Commander In Chief of anything worth commanding takes dedicated training – and also deepening. This “deepening” is profoundly absent from longstanding societal infrastructures built upon limited, mutated, or now outdated principles which are themselves victims of a relentless and often unhealthy storyline. And we’re all swept into its riptide.

How do you ask a Planet to awaken smack dab in the middle of its storyline? Who is our Protagonist to break the Fourth Wall and inform the global audience about the threats or the majesty that awaits? Who will offer them momentary insight about that which incites our overall script? 

The Ancient Greeks and Romans used Deus Ex Machina to resolve the unresolvable by plopping an absurd solution onto the problem. Other than Aliens or a meteor or some other otherworldly jolt, who or what shall play that Deus Ex Machina role now? The same one that’s always played it; manmade or natural catastrophe? These are tired Deuses which should become ex-Deuses in the Machinations of our often uninspired storylines – ones which only momentarily shake us awake before being lulled back into our perpetual roles on the stage of anaesthetised Life where History’s always repeating.

What if this time we have no more time for repetition because we’re nearly timed out; between Climate Change and the overheated Emotional Climate gusting from the West (Wing) and other global-political jet streams?

Then what? 

How ’bout making history in synchronicity; in a Party for Humanity where the guest list is Everybeing celebrating Community AND Individuality … Unity AND Diversity … in a living Global Selfie broadcast live worldwide! SYNCHRONISTORY

Sync is my work for the last thirty two years. A future Human Revolution of the most stirring and uplifting kind. It found me, I didn’t find it. In fact I was looking – but in a misguided direction. A direction imposed by the Outer. Yet something always gnawed at me from the Inner. Some people listen to the gnawing. Others ignore it. Some people get sick. Others explore it. I chose to tiptoe into exploration – fighting it as much as being compelled by it. The pendulum swung wide for awhile … and then it started to steady. And that’s when I became truly ready.

When you adore something – be it your kid, your food, a plant, your work – WHATEVER – you naturally imbue it with effervescence and Soul. That’s what I now do and what I’d never done before – or what I aspired to do but was only mimicking. Attracting like-minded others to help me do this inspiring work is a natural outgrowth. My team is worldwide and voluntary (they all have their respective paying jobs). But what a growing team we are!

A team predicated only on pay may or may not produce good teamwork. A team inspired by inspired leadership makes the paycheck a secondary (though necessary) payoff to the spiritual heft that lifts the workload. This dynamic is sorely lacking in the global workplace and our societal living space, placing an environMental pressure upon workers and leaders alike.

In a world of chaos that’s become chaUS, a savvy host(ess) knows that any great party is only as good as its guest list. And the Global Body is ill. From the Environment to Economic Disparity to Education and Cyber Security … key arteries to its heart are blocked – particularly The Body Politic. So to prime the planet for party time Sync has aligned with an exceptionally astute “party favour” that pivots the political parties into a visionary new direction which respects partisanship and actually accommodates our inherent need to compete. It is SO simple, it’s actually SIMPOL!

The power of humanity can not be underestimated. Nor can its coupling with Soul. Humanity in sanity is a strong brand worth fighting for … aligning for. And we’ve strayed very, very far. To set Humanity aloft we need lofty souls. To find one’s soul takes courage, time, and a gentle gesture towards Self. I can’t explain the sense of wonder that quietly thrills my part of the global storyline – even the cosmic storyline – but it is indeed palpable. It’s like a steady and silent companion on my ride-of-a-lifetime, irrespective of time, which inspires my Life. This is The Human Revolution at its personal best; the revelation of each individual starting to plummet and then rise up to their unimagined depths.