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Whether you were laid off for a short time, the office closed unexpectedly, or you were due to medical reasons, coming back to work after a long period of time can be very difficult. You started new habits and ways of living that can only be done at home without going to work. Now you have to change your whole mindset and get some things back in order. Here are seven things to get back into before you go back to work.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The importance of getting the right amount of sleep is often overlooked by most people. With the various forms of caffeine and energy that one can take, they think they can survive on little to no rest. While these things are available to take in dire circumstances, they should not be a normal occurrence. Find out how much sleep you need to get every night and work your schedule around it. You won’t be able to function properly if you don’t.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is easy to say you’ll do, but harder to actually accomplish. When you are at home all the time, you may find it easier to go to the sink to fill up your water bottle or walk to the fridge and grab a new one. Once you are at work though, you may not be able to get away whenever you need to replenish your water. Try to come up with a solution where you know you will be able to drink as much fluid as you should throughout the course of the day.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is one of the most important ways for you to easily get through your day. Start fixing your diet before you go back to work if you find that you’ve been eating too much junk and not enough nutrition. Make your meals and bring them to work so you resist the temptation of going out or grabbing something quick to suffice your hunger.

Prepare Yourself

One of the biggest things you need to do to get ready to get back in the swing of things is work on yourself. Take some time to meditate and collect your thoughts about how things will be back in the workplace. Most rules and regulations will have changed, so prepare and brace yourself for them ahead of time. Going back to work with a bad attitude will only start you off on the wrong foot. If you are still struggling to cope with going back, try diffusing or using Young Living Essential Oils to help calm you and bring you peace of mind.

Get Back on Schedule

Being at home has probably let you dictate your own schedule. Going back to work means that you are no longer on your time clock and are held to a different standard. You have to be there at a certain time and things need to get done on time. Start preparing yourself ahead of time to get back on a schedule rather than trying to jump right back into it.

Set Your Priorities

Going back to work means that you have a position where you are responsible for getting something done. At home, you may not have had someone over you telling you to get a job done. Once you’re back at work though, there is a boss that you will have to answer to. It’s not as easy to just take a day to go out with friends, because your job is there requiring you to do something. Make sure you know where your priorities lie as you go back.

Work on Relationships

If there is tension between you and anyone at your job, try to resolve it before going back. It is hard enough trying to get back into the working mindset but dealing with a bad relationship between a coworker will only make it worse. Do what you can to make things right and do your best to move forward, leaving the past behind.

While you may not want to go back to work, it has to be done. Use some of these tips to help you get back in the working mindset without having to struggle too much.