How To Get Instantly Further Ahead So You Can Stop Tolerating Things You Don't Want... Dre Baldwin

I was recently dealing with a simple-but-not-so-simple decision. I had to decide if I should accept something that was less than ideal, yet still bearable — or if I should take a hard line, and not accept anything less than what I actually wanted

This was a personal life issue, but it reminded me of an important point a business coach has made to me. 

“The entrepreneur who runs a $100 million company does not accept or tolerate what the $1 million entrepreneur tolerates. And the $1 million entrepreneur doesn’t tolerate what the $100K entrepreneur tolerates.” 


When we’re aiming to advance, our default is often to figure out where we can add and do more. 

Work harder. 

Put more time in. 

Acquire new knowledge. 

Implement some novel technique. 

A lot of people do this. Some people, every time I talk to them, have a new idea from a book they’ve read or a course they’ve taken or a seminar they attended. They’re excited to try the new thing as that may be the key to finally unlocking their success. 

Maybe you’re one of these people. 

The reality is that there’s only so much that any human can take on. We have limits of time, talent, skill, energy and focus. While everyone has a unique amount of each, and we can condition ourselves to improve, we still each face a limit. 

People who advance and get better often do so not by doing and taking on and handling more — but by accepting less

If you want to make more money as a consultant, stop accepting clients who pay you X, and only take on clients who pay 10X. 

To move a business forward, a CEO may need to fire the sometimes-headache employee whose presence you’ve been tolerating, and replace him with a never-headache team member. 

I heard Tony Robbins say that when he decided to make major changes in his life, in addition to a goals list, he sat down and made a “never again” list of the things he would stop allowing in his life.

What are you accepting and tolerating in your life that, if you decided to, you could eliminate today?  

To move forward, tolerate less — not more. 

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