Late October through the first week of January is a busy, exciting time for many, with plenty of diversions and goings-on to keep you (and your wallet) occupied. And while holiday festivities can be a wonderful way to celebrate the season with the ones we love, they can also make it difficult — if not depressing — to return to one’s daily routines and responsibilities. With so many highs it’s only natural that the lows will take some effort to turn around. Here are 5 ways to get over the holiday doldrums and start the new year with a positive outlook.

Jumpstart your goals
Now is the perfect time to start a new project on your home, register for classes or workshops you’ve wanted to attend, start a new way of eating and exercise regimen, or embark on that hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue. Having a post-holiday goal and game plan gives you something to look forward to following the holiday frenzy.

Studies have shown the limiting your time on social media each day can greatly reduce feelings of depression and lack of productivity. Give yourself an allotted time online to catch up on emails and current events, then unplug and get moving. Arrange meet-ups in person to get involved with friends and loved ones, and make a point to engage in organic activities: read a good book, go for a daily stroll, or partake in a yoga class.

Plan a winter getaway
The holidays aren’t the only time for travel and excursion; why not steal away for a week or long weekend? Flights are notably cheap after the holidays, and many booking sites and travel companies offer special promotional packages this time of year. The prospect of sweating your winter blues away in a tropical paradise or enjoying a quiet winter wonderland away from the bustling crowds will no doubt lift your spirits.

Savor your down time
It’s important to make time for yourself each day to relax and recharge. Post-holiday depression is often caused by a sudden shift in social activities and outside distractions; it can be difficult to know what to do with all that peace and quiet. Allow your body and mind the chance to rest, and make a point of treating it as a luxury. Draw a long hot bath, catch up on your favorite shows, meditate, and replenish your energy for the new year.

Take care of yourself
Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to get sick immediately following the new year? Where the body is in ill health, the mind will surely follow. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink your fluids, and get plenty of sleep each night. Make sure you get out each day for a bit of exercise, garden for spring on moderate days and consider the wide variety of healthy vitamins and supplements available to boost your immune system, as well as your energy. Take at least 30 minutes each day for yourself and be mindful of how you delegate your outside commitments.

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