Negative Energies in Relationships Muster Over Time

The warning signs aren’t always clear at the beginning of your dating life; you might not always be able to see that that beautiful woman sitting across from you at the bar is actually quite narcissistic and manipulative.

Conversely, the same could be said about yourself. You might not realise it, but perhaps you’re the manipulative one, and the real you show’s itself further into the relationship.

Over time, as the ‘honeymoon period’ wears off, the compatibility among the two of you may dwindle, resulting in negative energies forming around the relationship. More often than not, this starts to happen when it’s too late, you’ve fallen for your partner, and vice versa.

Originally, it was believed that co-habiting same sex relationships dissolved earlier than traditional marriage relationships due to what is described as ‘minority stress’, however, Psychology Today now finds that these gaps are now diminishing.

There are plenty of ways in which you can proactively improve your relationship, and remove the negative energies clouding it. Be the statistic that proves there are no gaps between gay, trans and traditional relationships when relationships dissolve.

Consider Yoga and Meditation

In 2018 it was reported that 30% of US adults and 12% of children have turned to non-westernized approached of healthcare. The main approaches being yoga and meditation. Studies show that women who practiced yoga over two months decreased stress levels compared to a controlled focus group.

It is also believed that yoga contributes to a better quality of life throughout, as well as helping you to fight depression, reducing levels of cortisol and the hormone ACTH.

Meditation is believed to help this further, with studies on 3,500 showing greater decreases in stress reduction; which, of course, will help you think anxiety, stress and a lack-of-trust towards your partner. Learning to be mindful will make you more ‘centred’, and help control aggression, to bring you or your partner to a control mental state. You will also understand the importance of happiness and love, and how absolve and remove external energies from your body through this disciplined positive practice.

Wearing Earth Stones for Additional Positive Energies

It might appear silly at first, but earth stones and crystals are deemed to be important for distinguishing negative energies. Each specific stone derived from the earth has a purpose for improving your lifestyle. A cool fact here, quartz crystal, technically doesn’t exist, but vibrates at a such a fast frequency that it is believed to be an amplifier, and is also believed to absorb energies quickly, working both positively and negatively depending on your mindset.

Wearing an energy necklace with a quartz stone in it is a great way to stay centred, positive and use the energy within it to ensure you remain positive and happy.