Social media dominates our lives and it has done for years. Also, there’s an issue in that its scale means it is all too easy to be swallowed up and vanish into nothingness. For some, this would spell disaster with a significant proportion of people wanting to know how they are able to get the most out of social media.

Well, I’m about to offer you six different tips that will help you to up your social media game. What I’m not doing is telling you how to become an influencer or how to gather together as many followers as possible. Instead, this is more to do with you being able to get what you want out of your time on social media.

So, listen up because this is easier than you think.

1. Remember The Concept Of Relevance

The relationships you build on social media need to be relevant in some way. Just adding people to increase your numbers is putting up a false facade and you are only fooling yourself.

Send out requests only to people you know or where they have similar interests. If you add people for no real reason, then how can you expect the relationship to develop in any way?

By adopting this strategy, you have a closer relationship with an individual. This leads to direct messages that appeal rather than those that can often irritate people on these websites. Not every friend on your list has the same common interests, so if you are sending out a link in bulk, then be aware of who would appreciate it first.

2. A Relationship Continues After A Request

It’s surprising how often people send a friend request and then never interact with the other person. If you do this, then why bother sending the request in the first place?

I want you to view the friend request as being the absolute start of the relationship and to then treat it as such. Check out their profile and read every part of it. If they have questions, then answer them or even ask them some yourself. Taking the time to get to know the individual and what they have on their profile will allow you to decide if this will be a healthy relationship.

The only other thing I should say regarding this point is to not overdo the interaction as that can be a bit creepy.

3. Only Ever Be Yourself

People have an idea that they can be whoever they want on social media and there’s nothing to stop them from doing that. They create this persona and the truth is that this mask will slip at some point.

You might increase awareness by doing this, but when they realize that all is not right then they will leave you. Focus on building a healthy bunch of connections and notice the difference when you are being honest.

4. Be Prepared To Work At It

Being on social media requires work on your part as your network will not grow all on its own. You must go out and find people with similar interests along with keeping your profile active and interesting with well thought out Instagram grid planning.

Talk to people and join in conversations on groups and pages, such as those for maca powder, rather than staying quiet. Also, avoid joining too many sites as it will overwhelm you; it’s best to stick to a handful of websites and then focus on building your relationships.

5. Have Some Personality

Your profile is your chance to show some personality. People will not wish to interact with a profile that is coming across as being boring. Remember, this isn’t about profiles but rather the people behind the page.

Never be afraid to express yourself by posting links that mean something to you or memes that appeal to your sense of humor. Who cares if all of your connections disagree? This is about you and you alone as it’s your profile to do what you want.

6. Remember To Add Value

The theory that you get back whatever you put into something is true when dealing with social media. If you sit back and do nothing, then you will get the same in return.

By interacting, you draw people towards you as there is the theory of reciprocity. By adding friends, others will add you in return. By sharing links, people will then alert you to similar things due to them knowing and it’s all because you added value.

I’m not saying that the six points I’ve mentioned will completely transform your experience on social media, but if you apply them then you will certainly see a difference.


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