Remember skipping pebbles as a kid? Remember how the pebble would bounce across the water creating ripples and you’d watch eagerly to see how far it would go? Then you’d pick up another pebble and do it all over again?

When I was a kid, there was always this rock in the middle of the lake that I used to try to hit. Sometimes I’d get my pebble close to it creating ripples all around it. And if I was having a really good day – like really on my pebble-skipping game – I’d even hit the rock. It was always such a sweet victory.

And always, the rock would remain a silent observer, an innocent bystander in my whole game. No matter what I threw at it, that rock didn’t budge.

Life is full of ripples. Small ones and big ones. The ultimate goal is to stay as steady and solid as that rock in the middle of the lake.


By keeping your mind steady.

If your mind is steady, there’s nothing that anyone says or does that can shake you. Think about it. They say our minds are our biggest governors and mastering our minds can open up doors to success. What better way to master your mind than removing any unnecessary junk from within it. That way, when life throws you a curveball, you can let it enter your mind, deal with it rationally, and let it exit. You can do this because you’ve eliminated all of the extra white noise around your mind.

Your daily tool to make this happen?

Meditate for five minutes every morning as soon as you wake up. Before you grab your phone, before you even brush your teeth, meditate.

What better way to start the day fresh than with a clean mind?

Then, throughout the day, anytime something happens that ruffles your feathers, stop. Take your mind back to the state it was in when you were meditating. Then address the situation at hand. I guarantee you, you’ll walk away from that situstion proud of yourself.

Try it tomorrow and let me know how it goes!

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