How to get Unstuck through effective self-care

How I went from being stuck in the same cycle for a year to being Unstoppable

I wrote a blog post earlier this year called “How I failed in my business and succeeded”– it was about failures that I was experiencing in my business (which is completely normal) and how I overcame them. Little did I know but I hadn’t completely overcome the challenges and found myself getting repeatedly stuck throughout the year.

I was Coaching clients, I was getting the clients I wanted to work with, I was helping them and they were succeeding. I was doing my marketing, posting value-based content on my social channels and in my newsletter, I was telling anyone who would listen to me who and what I did as a Coach but yet I was still getting stuck, demotivated and confused when I was trying to attract clients.

After another bout of doing a bunch of different things to try to attract my ideal client and not getting anywhere fast, I finally realised that I was confusing my clients as much as I was confusing myself! I finally realised that what I was saying in person to someone (which is how I was getting clients) was not what I was saying on my website or on my social channels – cue the  “aha” moment.

However, before I officially reached the “aha” moment I needed to reach into every part of my life to try to find the answers. When I did this, I realised that I hadn’t been doing all the things that I should have been doing so that I wouldn’t get stuck.

I had no community. I work alone and with clients. I wasn’t doing my morning routine of spirituality. I personally need this alone time to get through my day. I wasn’t eating right. I need to eat well for energy (I run a house, I’m a mum and I work two jobs.) I wasn’t sleeping well because every night after my son would go to bed,  I was using that time to try and get unstuck.

No sooner had I addressed these points, I was in contact with a professional about something completely different to my current woes and she asked me the questions that I wasn’t asking myself about my business. Within a few minutes, I knew exactly what had happened, what I needed to do and I got to putting that all down on paper. I revisited my goals, I realigned my thinking and EVERYTHING felt so much easier, that weight had been lifted and my excitement was unstoppable. 

So where am I now and why am I sharing this story with you?

What had happened to me this year, is what I help clients with. I got myself into a ‘doing’ state that was so intense, I lost myself, my focus and my goals and things weren’t going right for me.

By actually going through the process myself, I understood better how to communicate this through my marketing and in person and I was then able to define my Coaching practice more clearly.

Since this happened, I’ve created a community aligned with my business – so that I’m not alone, I’ve re-vamped the website and social channels and my plan moving forward. I’ve connected with incredible people who will be on this journey with me and I finally make sense.

So here it is:

“I help you prevent Burn-Out by creating more Balance in your life. Through effective Self-Care you can achieve your Goals.”

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  • Puja McClymont

    Life and Business Coach

    Puja McClymont is a certified Life and Business Coach in London. Helping professionals achieve clarity and direction in their work and personal lives by improving mindset and confidence. Subtly combining NLP techniques, positive Psychology and Wellbeing coaching, Puja focuses on helping clients manage the pressures of modern living by creating a life by design, with purpose. Host of the Self Care 101 Podcast - a wellbeing podcast that has practical self care tips and support to help you achieve your full potential.