2020 was a year of chaos and personal struggle. As the world has moved into 2021, there are a number of opportunities to rebuild communities and help one another. With the pandemic still impacting the world, the goal is to create a ray of hope in a dark period. As seen from Calgary United Way, there are impactful ways to aid those that haven’t quite recovered from the pandemic.

Because Calgary United Way is local, any donation to this program is filtered back into the community. Looking further, charities and programs within each community would see a donation as a breath of fresh air. Many do not realize that amounts of any size can change the path of an organization. Long-term investments in these programs create a more stable and reliable source of aid. This is a beautiful idea so non-profits can better plan for their annual goals through reliability. They encourage family and friends to donate to a particular program instead of bringing gifts to a birthday or a holiday. This only further expands one’s helping hand and teaches vital attributes to the youth that are watching.

Skills such as sewing, crocheting, and other talents can be donated when finances can not be. In the modern world, face masks are required for the health of all and thus are in high demand. Using scrap fabric and sewing skills could provide a much-needed product to change an individual’s current state. Offering to record a skills-teaching video is another way to improve the lives of others. Calgary has a program in which individuals can provide their services to help improve non-profits.

Volunteering one’s time is hard during this period, but not impossible. Working for crisis lines and support lines is an extensive need for those impacted mentally and emotionally by this pandemic. Providing delivery services is another form of helping. Ordering pickup from a local restaurant or shopping at a local business are forms of helping as all are suffering at this time. These tasks are effective for combating loneliness. As one of the goals, making sure that people are connected and receive social interactions in a time void of it.

Spreading awareness that local programs, profitable and non-profitable, require support is a simple way to help. In addition to these, seeking the help that one needs to be better is another way to help. Ensuring that each individual starts with themselves and branches out to others will create an unbreakable support system.

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