Sometimes we’re in a bad mood.

Sometimes we don’t want to smile.

Sometimes we simply don’t have it in us.

What if there was a way to ignite that “something” in you that actually made you feel happy afterwards? Today, we are going to experience this together. But first, let’s set the scene…

I read a parable this week about a woman who saw two dogs running from a house. One dog was angry and growling while the other dog was joyful with a spring in his step. She wondered, “How could these two dogs be having such different experiences?” She decided to explore the house. Upon entering, this woman discovered this was a house of mirrors. The angry dog had experienced 1,000 dogs snarling back at him while the happy dog enjoyed 1,000 dogs wagging their tails over joyous to see him.

We all live in a house of mirrors.

Have you been experiencing snarling, angry people in your life? Or have you been experiencing joyous and grateful people throughout your day? You make all the difference in what happens during your day.

Our internal world defines our external world.

As you go about your day showering people with love, you create an environment of kindness and joy around you. This is why gratitude is so life-changing. When you love what you have, you have everything you need because you are appreciating precisely what is meant for you in this moment. If you haven’t started a gratitude practice, you can begin here, How your gratitude can help heal the world. Without gratitude, you may find yourself in a cranky place and decide to share that cranky energy. Guess what kind of day you’re going to have?

Right now, it’s not so easy. I know. We have so many major challenges that are igniting our cranky dog- the pandemic, our heightened race relations, and if you’re with me in California, we’ve added fires and poor air quality to the mix. I found myself in a few moments of frustration this week too, but I dug deep and chose to feel differently. I wanted to share my process here with you so you can choose to feel differently too. You can choose what type of day you want to bring into your experience and make it happen.

Join me for this incredible meditation this week, Hack Your Happiness, that will help you to reverse engineer your happiness process by allowing energy to flow through you first and create the experience of happiness for you. Once your energy is flowing, the people you meet will be friendlier, your food will taste richer, the drivers on the road will be kinder and you will find yourself greeted by 1,000 happy dogs over joyous to shower you with adoration in each moment of your day.

See you in meditation.

Much love,


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