how to handle pressure in life

Entire life is always full of pressure, whether it is the pressure of failing in exams, family pressure due to joblessness, the pressure of boss’s higher demands, the pressure of clients in business, and even shopping demand of your girlfriend etc. No occasion in the world is pressure less.

Change your Mindset

So, what you have to do is, change your mindset to tackle with overpressured situation. There is two kind of people, one that left all the things due to fear of not bearing the failure and leave their goals. They thought they tried their luck in getting positive results but failed, they leave this because of the people thinking. What people think after my failure. Many people around will say, we already warned you not to do this thing. It is not easy to complete successfully. Some will say it is not in your approach or you can say not in your capability. Eventually, they decide to live with it and remain happy with what they have achieved.

Learn A Lesson From Situation

There is always some positive impact of pressure in your life. Every moment of success and failure have a hidden lesson that you have to find with your analyzability. Any person, student, or a business who have not passed through pressurized situation is unfortunate, that he can’t understand the meaning of life.

Let’s say you were a landlord with a golden spoon in your mouth. Your father has a flourishing business and he standby aside saying you that enjoy your young life. However, enjoying life is also important to relax. You are not familiar with the ups and downs of business. You haven’t made any decision and lack of understanding of your parent’s business critics. Your father isn’t always with you. A day will come when you have to handle everything with the shadow of parents. What you’ll do when you spoiled your all previous life just enjoying parties with friends. Then how you will make strong decisions to run your company?

So, in this way taking interest and tackling pressure in life is as important as taking a breath. You will yourself become a pressure cooker for your mates.

What to Do

It is not easy but you have to fight until the last sigh, with powerful nerves, and keeping balance of you control over the things. There are millions of problems you are indulged with, but you are standing like a pine tree to handle the situations with cool minds. Despite having enough knowledge, studies and experience you should be lean in your attitudes. See the situation from sufficient distance calmly and then react as wise people do. Temperament is another thing you have to control in pressurized scenarios.

Importance of Education and Experience

The knowledge (formal of information education) and practical have a strong relationship with each other. Let us say you have read about swimming in books. You know each and everything about swimming, how you will push your body ahead by throwing water back with your arms. You have read how you will maintain the balance of your body above the water.

But you haven’t tried swimming practically in a pool. You can’t be a mentor and example for your believers. So, jump into the water and experience the pressure of floating. When you got success in your practical than you can set examples for your subordinates. Scoring marks in exams is another thing, that a chimpanzee can get if properly trained.


You can only be a mentor for others if you have undergone with all sort of pressures in your life and come through it with success rate hundred per cent. So, never lose heart in pressurized situation like coward do. Take every moment as a challenge with an inner belief that you can do this.

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