Being beautiful is one thing, but also exuding beauty in how we behave and react to things in life becomes a wonderful knowledge to have.

Here I will highlight some of the traits of a beautiful mind but also how you can train your brain to be beautiful. Which will no doubt enhance your external natural beauty.

Traits of a beautiful mind

The ability to react in a beautiful way even with a difference of opinion or fact (which can indeed be proved either way) is a wonderful trait.

You must have been in a situation when someone is adamant about something and when they are proved right they cackle and point fingers. It is, as I am sure you would agree, a pretty ugly sight. However the reaction of a beautiful mind might be to compliment the person on their opposing opinion as you too would have thought it may have been this. The important thing for a beautiful mind is to always keep the other person’s feelings in the very front of your mind.

The reactions you have to a difference in feelings is a challenging one.

Unlike facts, these can not be proved either way and it is key to remember that a persons feelings are their own. If someone is sad about a situation that you are happy about, it is better to attempt to understand the reasons for their difference rather than just dismiss it. This is just one example and in truth I could give 100 examples on this section. In summary though, it’s important to understand why a person feels that way and then accept that as being the way they feel and explain gently why you feel differently but accept both points of view.

A beautiful mind will be able to discuss opposing views and ideas. Truly be able to show appreciation for their opposing view and acceptance on why it exists. Beautiful minds are able to discuss their points of view with clarity and consistency.

Beautiful minds are interesting in their opinions, ideas and thoughts.

Beautiful minds are not judgmental.

A little blunt and whilst it is last on the list it is the most common trait I see in conversations. You believe in your judgements and ‘telling people’ your thoughts, people believe they are alluding intelligence and life experience but in fact there is nothing further from the truth.

How to train your beauty

If you have not already read my article on ‘How to be interesting’, this is a good time to review it as it gives lots of hints and tips on how to be interesting, which is a key to having a beautiful mind.

Give yourself a few seconds before you respond and think kindly. This allows you to take a moment and think about how to word something in a way that accepts what the person is saying but also give an opposing view with clear structure.

If your immediate reaction is to be judgemental on a person and how they live their life maybe choose to instead give praise for the parts of their life that you believe to be wonderful. Alternatively ask them why they live there life with that part to better understand rather than judge.

Learn manners. Being polite and calm when communicating opposing views is vital to hold the persons attention. If you immediately go into a defensive mode the conversation has been lost. No one wants to talk to an aggressor remember.

Don’t take things personally. It is so very difficult sometimes, however the ability to let go of things is a wonderful tool that should be drawn upon not only in your interactions but in life in general.