As the alcohol free movement continues to gain momentum, more and more individuals are choosing–and searching for ways–to make their celebrations both sober and memorable. According to Chris Becker, Founder of leading premium, non-alcoholic beverage brand, Better Rhodes, “Everyone’s been aware for the longest time that too much alcohol is bad for you. The only difference now is that people are actually taking action. This is why knowing that you have options is very important. It allows you to understand that you don’t need to feel left behind or that you’re choosing less just because you choose to remain sober.”

Chris gives five tips on how to have an amazing Independence Day celebration without the booz.

1. Celebrate with those who matter

Chris says it’s important to understand that celebrations become extra special when you spend it with people who actually matter. “You take away the need to impress people when you choose to be with those who you truly care about–so it’s a lot less stressful and a whole lot more memorable. Celebrations that involve only a handful of people gives you time and energy to really connect with those who are around you and takes away any chance of you being persuaded to do things that you’re not comfortable doing.”

2. Do something special

There are many ways to make your Fourth of July gathering more memorable this year without having to risk your safety. For one, you can drive to a non-crowded lake or the beach and spend some time with nature. You can also check in at a nearby hotel and take advantage of their offerings this season. Just do something different, and again, make sure you do it with the right people.

3. Prepare food that you and your guests will like

When planning parties and small gatherings, sometimes we get caught up in making sure we impress people so we tend to overthink things. Don’t. Especially when it comes to food. Really, the best dishes to serve in parties are the ones that you know your guests will enjoy eating.

4. Prepare special drinks

Just because you’re choosing to stay sober doesn’t mean you have to get drinks that suck. “I always say, it’s not about the alcohol content, but really the quality of what’s inside your glass that matters. It needs to be delicious and there needs to be variety. At Better Rhodes, we have about 170 non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits on our websites. They are all premium, delicious drinks that allow you to enjoy life and celebrations while improving your wellbeing. Are they good for you? Absolutely. Do they taste good? No, they taste amazing. Again, it’s about giving people options that do not make them feel like they are missing out on anything.”

5. Help others celebrate

Keep in mind that ultimately, the Fourth of July is about celebrating the American independence and all the ideals that the country stands for. If it is within your means and if your guests are up for it, do something nice for others. Cook meals for the homeless, hold an Independence Day garage sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity. There’s more than one way to celebrate any holiday, and sometimes, it’s the most selfless ones that stick to our hearts.

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