How to have incredible relationships

I’ve had a manic week. Lots to do on the home front, lots of work, lots of friends and family stuff. Sometimes, these weeks appear in my year and I have to take them day by day, take a few hours for me when I can and focus on the finish line. As stressful as this week has been, it has been equally wonderful. 

One of my friends celebrated his birthday this week and myself and another friend plotted to get him a kitten. He’s been a little lost since his mum passed last year and we wanted to bring something into his life that we know he wants, he just wouldn’t admit it.

After all our colluding, plan b’s, driving all over London, plotting to surprise him we succeeded in bringing this bundle of joy into our dear friend’s life. We got tears, so we knew we’d done the right thing. My heart is so full. Of course the kitten doesn’t replace anything, we knew the kitten would be great because he’d been obsessed with our friend’s cat during this difficult time and knew it broke his heart to give the cat back every time.

Having this birthday in my week just made everything that little bit easier and a little more worth the stress. This friend is my family. Probably true to the quote “friends are the family you choose” and I sure would choose him every time.

And that’s the point of this post to be honest. Choose to be in relationships that bring you joy. Those that fill your heart to the brim. Those that no matter what else you have going on in your life, you know that those relationships only add to great memories and experiences.

There’s no secret on how to have incredible relationships, just that they add to your life, not take away. Ones that enrich your experience of this world and make you a better person. Relationships that are easy, fun and beautiful.

Look to all your relationships as friendships. You might treat family members a little differently. Looking at relationships with compassion for the other person also helps those that are a little tender. Having many relationships will help you be more fulfilled as will regular physical interaction and laughing until you pee a little.

Go see that ‘friend’ who makes you pee a little.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” – Albert Schweitzer

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