How To Have The Ability To Handle Anything -- And Never Find Yourself Out Of Options... Dre Baldwin

This has happened probably fifty times since I’ve had a name online. 

Someone disagrees with what I’ve said, or they’re upset that I’m not responding to them, so they go to their last resort: some recklessly critical comments that are usually more about attacking me personally than addressing the topic at hand. 

It happened again today. 

It isn’t a big deal when it happens; this is the Internet after all, and the anonymity and/or distance afforded users increases the likelihood of this occurrence.  

Even more than that, though, I make my living by putting words together: if you’re going to attack me verbally, you’d better be damned good with your own words

In these cases I’m mentioning, that is almost always not the case. 


There was a study done on prisoners some time ago. The study was research for rehabilitation options, but the researchers found something else in the course of their work. 

The more limited the vocabulary of the person, the higher their tendency towards poor behavior. 

When you think about it, it makes sense. 

When your own vocabulary is limited, it’s hard to understand both what you see and what you hear. 

It’s hard for you to express yourself effectively not only to others, but to yourself. 

Your perception is limited, as you cannot make sense of some things you see and experience. 

Thus, your range of assumptions and conclusions is much more narrow than that of a person who has a wider range of expression. 

The more you know and understand about the world and yourself, especially when it comes to expressing yourself, the more possible reasons you can draw on for the actions and words of other people. 

Being that other people are endlessly complex and mysterious, the wise person thus defaults to asking questions when something doesn’t add up — while the limited-view fool assumes they know things that they couldn’t possibly know. 

This is why some people, when upset or annoyed, can compose themselves and express how they feel tactfully, without burning bridges with their wives and employees and without coming unglued in front of an audience. 

It’s also why others, when things don’t go their way, have a narrow range of options, none of which is useful: attacking, insulting, lashing out, etc. — actions and words that feel good in the moment, but they’ll later regret. 

Expand your range for understanding what’s in front of you, and subsequently your ability to express. 

It will keep you away from the many unproductive defaults. 

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